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Uber is a universal transportation technology company. It is working in 633 cities international. Uber drivers use their own cars although drivers can rent a car to drive with Uber. To Make Create an App Build like Uber app was born back in March 2009, and even after 8 years of strong mobile applications market development it continues to be an example of success in online taxi business. The Uber car service has not started to lose its grounds and proceeds to encourage hundreds of businessmen to repeat its success to be not only Uber USA version, but cover over 60 countries round the globe. Future works technologies has come up with this post to help you choose the best taxi app and to give information about the How to Make Create an App Build like Uber Know Development Cost.


Passengers regard Uber as a taxi, drivers as a referral service, and entrepreneurs as the business role model. All together and even more. The service covering 375 cities worldwide provides 24-hour-per-day on-demand connection between riders and drivers through Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps, using the advances of phone’s GPS capability and completely cashless approach. Both parties are aware of each other’s location and the concern over the car arrival time is no longer topical.

To Make Create an App Build like Uber has a on the rise demand among business entrepreneurs around the globe. Though started as a taxi service app. Uber is a taxi ordering app with millions of users which operates in 77 countries. The service is generally 35 to 50% cheaper than traditional taxi cabs.

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In order to find out the price of development app like Uber first we need to identify all the essential features of the app. These are usual features you can’t do without when building app like Uber. To Make Create an App Build like Uber apps are linked to the admin portal one for the passenger and other for the driver. These include:

  • The Passenger App
  • The Driver App

The Must Have Features of Passenger App

  1. Login or Registration

The customer will need to login or register through email id or through social media platforms. You can also enter their banking and card details for making payments.

  1. Platform for entering booking details

You need to offer the customers a booking interface page where they can enter the details regarding the journey including the destination.

  1. Estimating the Total Fare

It allows the customer to get an approximation of the total fare of the ride before booking the cab.

  1. The Cab Choosing Option

You need to provide the cab selection option to the passengers so that they can choose the type of car they want to travel in, including the price per kilometer or price per minute.

  1. Tracking the car

Passengers will want to track the location of the driver and know after how many minutes the cab will arrive.

  1. Checking the Ratings of the Driver

Customers have become smart and they also go through the ratings or review of the cab driver.

  1. Interact with the driver

Once the cab arrives, the driver links the passenger and gets accurate details about the pickup spot and drop in place.

  1. Making payment

On the completion of the ride, the passenger receives an automatic payment slip and all payments are cashless. Later an invoice is also sent to their registered email id.

  1. Bookings of the Past

This allows the users to access their previous booking history and they can make the booking on the same route again through it.

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The Necessary Essentials of a Driver’s App

  1. Full Updated Profile of the Driver

This feature is similar to that of the passenger app. It also comprises the full details of the driver including his complete profile and updated status. This is important for the verification process and also includes their license number. It will also tell the recruiter when they will be available.

  1. Messaging Alert

It instantly alerts the driver as soon as passenger in the nearby location books the cab. He has to reach the spot taking the shortest possible route.

  1. Navigation of the Route

It is linked with the Navigation app such as the Google Map so that the driver can reach the exact destination in shortest possible time.

  1. The Fare of the Ride

Gives an estimation of the fare of ride with discount coupons.

  1. The Cab Sharing Facility

Recently many cab booking companies initiated this facility wherein the passenger can share the cab with the others. In such a case the bill generated during the journey gets shared among them. But the response is not good.

  1. Choosing a Preferred Driver

Some people have a preference to travel with a particular driver with whom they have good experience. So, you can work on that request.

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To Make Create an App Build like Uber is the taxi ordering app used millions of people due its outstanding service as well as job opportunities. For riders, Uber has been a real approval since 2012 as they now can book a private cab driver with one tap on the phone. The nearest car will pick you up in minutes. It has 80 million users and operates in 77 countries. The service is generally 35 to 50% cheaper than traditional taxi cabs, responds faster as well. There is no exact cost of developing a taxi app like Uber. It all depends on enormous variety of things: app architecture and developer rates, features, country and industry, and hundreds of others.

The Uber procedure:
  • Install the app on your smartphone and create an Uber account. Your credit card will be attached to your account, so you don’t need to handle any cash.
  • When you need a ride, use the app to tell Uber your pickup location. Your phone GPS can help you with this. There are also text message and mobile website alternative to using the app.
  • Uber will text you to verify how many minutes you will wait. Rides are usually 3 to 10 minutes away in major centers.
  • Uber will text you when the ride has arrived. The Uber app will also confirm you details of the driver, his/her name and photo, and the type of car he/she drives.
  • Payment is handled imperceptibly, with no tip required. You just step out of the car at the end
  • After your ride, you rate the driver on a scale of 1 to 5 (politeness, safety, cleanliness). Similarly, the driver rates you from 1 to 5 (politeness).

To Make Create an App Build like Uber app offer a wide range of service tiers. It offers five tiers of service:

  • UberX is the cheapest and most common form of Uber. Vehicles must be 2000 model year or newer. Fares are typically half that of a taxicab in the same city.
  • UberPOOL, offered in some cities, allows you to share your ride with another person and split the cost.
  • UberXL is a service that can accommodate 6 passengers with an SUV or minivan; more expensive than UberX.
  • UberSelect offers luxury sedans with leather interior, including brands such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, which are the common vehicle brands. Expect to pay a premium price, and accommodate up to 4 riders.
  • UberBLACK is the luxury limousine service with vehicles dedicated to executive-level services.

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To Make Create an App Build like Uber collaborate with vehicle owners and drivers and together they set up a minimum charge at which the partners will operate. Uber supplies them riders through online bookings from one single application and charges some amount of commission from them. The commission charged by the company ranges from 20% – 25% of the total amount charged from the customer.

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The Brand Rider Interface


The mobile application of Uber is available on iOS, Android as well as Windows platforms, and the clients use it to book rides. When the ride is finished, the customer can rate the driver and ride, and also address complaints and reports, if he has any. This information helps the Uber services to take necessary actions.

Price estimate


Uber sets the price of a ride as per kilometer charges and the time spent.

Dynamic Pricing


On bad weather days, hours of traffic congestion and on public holidays, when the demand for cab rides is higher than their availability, Uber clients have to deal with price surges. The company is totally transparent about this dynamic pricing strategy and informs the riders beforehand if there’s any increase in the price of the cab.


We help our clients to achieve better growth in their business and give the best or creative ideas. If you are interested to know how to make create an app build like Uber knows development cost HERE US!

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