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UberEATS is an online food ordering App launched by San Francisco. To Ordering food can be done on their website or with a smartphone/tablet application. The website claims a delivery time of 30 minutes or less. UberEATS is a standalone app, meaning that users have to download it separately from the Uber app. However, they can login into UberEATS with their Uber account. The app is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play. UberEATS was connected to over 100 local restaurants of varying quality and differing cuisines. To expand your company’s reach and form a profitable relationship with a social media platform, consider Future work technologies. If you want to know How to make create an app build like UberEATS know development cost we are here for you to give whole information UberEATS about App.


To make create an app build like UberEATS is our food delivery platform that makes getting great food from your favorite local restaurants as easy as requesting a ride. The UberEATS app connects you with a broad range of local restaurants and food, so you can order from the full menus of your local favorites whenever you want. UberEATS, an on-demand food delivery app that helps bring food to the consumers in a convenient and reliable manner has started delivering in Mumbai.

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In the past 18 months, it has grown extremely fast, and is now a stand-alone app available in 26 countries and in 78 cities around the globe, including India. To make create an app build like UberEATS is a following food delivery agenda which Uber are using. The idea behind of UberEATS is to pick up local food from restaurants and bring it to you. For a superior fee than you would pay for normal delivery, you can pick from a wider range of selection and have the ease of it coming straight to you.


1 – Information Access

When customer checks food delivery apps is information. Restaurants, their menus, ingredients, pricing, hours, locations, calories; all these information is vital for customers to make up their minds and place their orders.

Thanks to technological advancements, today we’re able to get all these details through API integrated into food delivery apps. The API is capable of obtaining this information from thousands of different restaurants.Moreover the API also gives food delivery apps an alternative choice to swap the order details and payment information with partnered restaurants.

2 – App Payment Integration

If the technological advancements enable us to give them access to food to our customers of all nearby restaurants and place an order, then it’s also possible to let those customers pay for their food at the same place. Nowadays, most on-demand startups in various industries provide this feature in their mobile applications. So, if you’re considering creating an UberEats Clone, making sure you integrate this feature too. Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, and many other online payment gateways allow customers to make the payment using their debit and credit cards.

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3 – Real-Time tracking

The real-time tracking feature was popularized by Uber. Now, when it comes to any kind of on-demand service, real-time tracking is one of the essential features of the mobile application. Let’s take a look at the process of real-time tracking. The first step is to identify the user’s location. This can be achieved with the Core Location framework for iOS app development and Google’s Location API for Android app development. With their help, your food delivery app traces the location of the device and also monitors customer’s movements.

Once the location is verified, the customer can track his order delivery from his customer-side of app and driver can see the route to the customer’s delivery address on his courier-side app. This functionality can be achieved with Mapkit for iOS and Google Maps API for Android.


4 – Order Now or Schedule for Later Feature

Mostly of customers always use food delivery app when they want to order their food right away. But there are many organized customers, who know what they want for dinner. So for those of them, you can add the ability to schedule a food order ahead of time.

The customers can order anytime up to an hour before the desired delivery window, and as much as a week in advance too. This can be useful for those clients who know they’ll need cupcakes for the birthday next week or want to wake up on a Sunday morning to a delicious brunch in the morning.


5 – Promo Code & Referral

To make create an app build like UberEATS the Promo code & referral marketing program can enhance your app downloads. It can also keep the customers occupied. However, to gain the most from a promo code & referral feature, timely promotion is the most significant metric, especially for food delivery apps. Push notifications can be used to inform and update about latest referral programs and is a good way of reminding your customers about ongoing referral program.


Uber is deliver food to interested customers with no additional cost of owning/hiring vehicles running on the road 24×7. The customer knows how different is based on two option presented by the company. First have a limited Menu delivered to them in the shortest amount of time possible called instant Delivery, or they could have an extensive selection of Menu items delivered to them at a prefixed longer time, which is called Real Time Ordering.

Sign up for UberEATS

UberEATS is meal delivery service accessible by Uber, its popular company located in cities around the world. The process is easy. All you have to do is:

  • Browse through your local restaurant listings, or search for specific restaurants.
  • Add your menu items to the cart. When you are adding your meal in your cart, you’ll see your address, an expected delivery time and the cost of the order.
  • Tap Place your order, and the app will use your card on file for payment.
  • Follow your order in the app. First, you’ll see the restaurant accept and start prepping your items. When your order is ready, a nearby Uber driver will head to the restaurant to pick it up. Once UberEATS driver is on his way, you’ll be able to see his name and photo and track his progress on the map.

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How Does UberEATS Work for Drivers?

Click Here to Become an UberEATS Driver

If you’re already an Uber driver, you’re in luck. You can do both drive passengers and make food deliveries for Uber. If not, there are certain requirements to becoming a driver. In the case of Uber EATS, you can make food deliveries with a car, bike or scooter, so it’s an excellent opportunity for car-less people to earn extra money as an independent contractor.

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What Are UberEATS Driver Requirements?

To become an UberEATS driver, you must:

  • have a valid state driver’s license.
  • have valid vehicle insurance.
  • be at least 19 years old in the USA and 21 in Canada.
  • have one or more years of driving experience.
  • be able to lift at least 30 pounds.

Once accepted as an Uber driver, they’ll inspect your vehicle for safety, and you’ll have to complete their online training. Then, all you have to do is download the app and use it to radio in to UberEATS dispatchers to get your deliveries up-and-running.

How Much Can You Earn?

UberEATS drivers have to maintain their own vehicle and enjoy the flexible schedule. To make create an app build like UberEATS driver pay varies by location, anywhere from $10 to $20 per hour. You can set your own rates, but they must be reasonable. Remember, you’re potentially competing with other UberEATS drivers on the road. Tips aren’t included, and you’re not allowed to request tips. You can only accept tips upon the customer’s insistence. Uber pays weekly via PayPal or direct deposit.


To make create an app build like UberEATS is a food delivery service offered by the company Uber. It can works through an application where its users can find a wide range of restaurants where to order food. When your order is done the UberEATS driver will be pick your order and deliver it where it has been indicated. UberEATS workings like other food delivery app. The customer can pays for food with a credit card. Uber EATS is a very good job chance for those who want to have a flexible schedule.

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Who can be a delivery driver for UberEATS?

This is what you need besides enthusiasm:

For Deliveries by Car:

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Have a car with insurance
  • Have a license and at least one year of driving experience.
  • Be able to lift 30 pounds.

For Deliveries by Bike or Scooter:

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Be able to lift 30lbs.

Your payment for every trip will be considered as based on mileage and time you have to complete the trip plus a delivery fee which is around $5.00.



The next choice is UberRUSH, and almost certainly you never heard about it because unfortunately, this service is only for San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. UberRUSH is one more delivery service for the small and large businesses that want to deliver their products faster.Its also works with an app where enterprises sign up to request a delivering service.

What you need to enroll

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Have a driver’s license, with at least one year of driving experience.
  • Have a car with insurance.
  • Be able to lift 30 pounds


If your aim is to start-up and build the next chartbuster on-demand food app like UberEATS, then Contact Us today. Our expert team will listen you, experience and consultative approach towards the business, in the field of on demand apps, can help you shape an outstanding and scalable on demand food app. Hire us for your dream on-demand mobile app development now, by choosing us as your technology partner.

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