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Today we are discussing on world famous taxi business model like Easy Taxi business and revenue model and how it works. Before that, we discussed on online food ordering business model mobile app. Future work technologies we serve in every industry for example, food and restaurants industries, on demand economy services, online shopping and E-commerce industry and hotel or hospitality industry. We create iOS and Android mobile application for every business and develop a website. If you also want to run taxi business like Easy taxi and want to create an app like Easy taxi this article will help you. Read it about Easy taxi business and revenue model and its working.
Easy Taxi business and revenue model

Easy Taxi is a smart phone E-hailing app available in 30 nations. The application allows customer to book a cab and track it in real time. The same Android, iOS, or Windows Phone app can be used in all places in which the partner taxis operate.
Easy Taxi is the most downloaded taxi application on the planet. The application associates taxi drivers and passengers allowing them to encounter a quick, helpful and safe ride, at only a tap of button. Easy Taxi is accessible for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone gadgets, and for B2B customers through Easy Taxi PRO and Easy Taxi Corporate arrangements.

Story of the Company

Launched in April 2012, the idea for the application came in June 2011, during the Startup Weekend Rio, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From that point forward, Easy Taxi turned into a pioneer in online taxicab benefits in Latin America. Presently accessible in 12 countries and 170 urban areas, the application has all around reclassified taxi booking.


From the beginning, Easy Taxi has won awards such as Startup Weekend Rio 2011, IBM SmartCamp Brazil 2011, Startup Farm Rio 2011, TNW Awards Brazil 2012, Spark Awards 2013 and LIDE Entrepreneurship Award 2013.

Easy Taxi business and revenue model

Easy Taxi has developed effectively in rising nations, basically in Latin America. They have made a disturbed business model that adjusts to neighborhood reality

A large number of us are super acquainted with the taxi/driver on request applications. I would be exceptionally astounded on the off chance that anybody here in HBS has not caught wind of Uber or Lyft. Be that as it may, these are by all account not the only organizations on the planet giving such involvement, and, truth be told, Easy Taxi has been the market pioneer in developing economies.
The organization, established in 2012 in Brazil, is currently present in more than 420 urban communities crosswise over 30 nations and has more than 20 million clients. More than 400.000 drivers are associated inside the Easy Taxi Network. The organization, which has brought more than $70M up in numerous speculation rounds is sponsored principally by Rocket Internet.
The systems impacts are clear: Having more clients will draw in the passage of new subsidiary drivers, and the passageway of the drivers will pull in more clients, given the change on benefit quality (accessibility essentially).
I genuinely trust that “developing quick and huge” is super imperative when arrange impacts are available, and that is one of the key reasons of organization achievement in Emerging Markets. Nonetheless, one of the primary qualities has been its capacity to adjust its plan of action without definitely disturbing the client encounter. We need to recollect that there are numerous things engaged with the “Conventional Uber Business Model” that not really will act and additionally it has worked in created economies, given contrasts in cell phone entrance, electronic payments, administrative hindrances, among others.
The working model from multiple points of view is comparative of that of Uber: A stages those utilizations geo-reference devices to associate clients and drivers. In any case, there are some key contrasts between the working models. For instance, Easy Taxi utilizes basically “genuine taxicabs” inside its system, and despite the fact that the application empowers online installments (client – > stage – > driver), likewise empowers the client to pay in real money to the driver, taking out this important hindrance in developing nations (client – > driver – > stage). This novel component has empowered a quick selection, given that the hole between the customary taxi understanding and the better and brighter one is limited. It has additionally empowered to have a solid driver “purchase in” given that as opposed to feeling debilitated by the disturbance, they can have more rides, limiting inert circumstances, working less hours and profiting.
I do recommend that Easy Taxi business and revenue model is impeccable. Truth be told, the organization has a few difficulties, for example, historical verifications and quality administration principles. Obviously, the principle challenge is the “war” against new contestants to these business sectors: UBER. Does having an applicable piece of the overall industry now guarantee a triumph for Easy Taxi? Unquestionably no! Particularly given that the online payments won’t be an issue for the following years, given the innovation entrance development in Emerging Countries.


Driver HAS to pay 50K refundable deposit.
He ENTERS INTO a SIGNED AGREEMENT with EasyCabs for a 4-Year TERM.
AGT Reads – After a period of 4yrs the DRIVER GETS TO OWN THE Car.
Just like above – Driver NEEDS TO PAY ~950Rs Daily to EasyCabs.
Just like above – revenue MINUS 950 = his take home daily.
HERE – All Oil service, maintenance costs BORNE BY DRIVER. (Remember the ‘deemed’ owner clause after 4 years)
If the driver QUITS/DIES!! Within the 4 years – the 50K deposit is LOST and CAR GOES BACK TO EasyCabs.

At the End!

So, here we explained Easy Taxi business and revenue model and its working. If you are looking for iOS and Android mobile app developer or website development expert team for your dream app in iOS and Android or website then get in touch with us and know how we can help you own the next technology master piece!

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