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Task rabbit is another successful marketplace that connects customers who are able to outsource small jobs and chores with a network of pre-approved and validated skilled individuals who can the listed task in a given time frame. To Make Create Build an App like TaskRabbit main revenue generation comes from taking a cut of every transaction happening over the app for the tasks completed. They call it the service fee. Task Rabbit aim to help people take back their lives, be their own boss, help people out, and make some money.


TaskRabbit connect you with people who need help with jobs like cleaning houses, making deliveries or completing around the house tasks, such as installing a new tap or putting together a bookshelf. TaskRabbit has got a strong supply as well as demand side, but still there were gap in the fulfillment process.

With an aim to cure all such gaps and serve its customers with a new experience, To Make Create Build an App like TaskRabbit has launched a new app which lets a task to be completed within 90 minutes. It means that everything from posting a job to approval of task from a skilled person and from payment to completing that task; happens within 90 minutes.



  • If the People who feel like to post their job on the platform and TaskRabbit connect them to trained Taskers available to help.
  • People can put the task through the app and have the work taken care of by the time they return.
  • People can pay through the app after the task has been accomplished

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  • If the People who are without a job or those who want to earn some extra money can sign up to be the TaskRabbit.
  • Taskers would proposal for a job, but since June 2014 Taskers are mechanically assign a job. They can either accept it or reject it.


  • A TaskPosters post a work and TaskRabbit suggest three contractors, along with their hourly rates, who stand for a range of prices and experience level.
  • A Tasker can accept or cancel the job as per his convenience and availability.
  • The job is completed by the Tasker and the payment is processed through the app.
  • All the taskers in the TaskRabbit’s database are fully talented and verified after a thorough background check. After the task is complete a TaskPosters can review and rate the service.


  • Word of Mouth Advertising
  • Internet Marketing
  • Free First Delivery
  • Various Offers


  • TaskPosters would post a job; they would quote a price which was usually lesser than the minimum wage. In a war to win a bid Taskers would accept all kinds of jobs irrespective of difficulty level. Thankfully, in the new business model Taskers could specify their hourly rate and skills and would be auto assigned without having to go through the bidding process.

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  • Initially TaskPosters would often lie about the amount of work they need done. Often the amount of work portrayed on the platform would contradict the one on the site. The Taskers would thus feel underpaid. In the new business model the TaskPosters had to pay a charge based on the hourly rate.
  • While every task is insured up to $1,000,000 in case something goes wrong, there’s no provision for insurance or even safety for the Taskers in the event of mishap. This is something that hasn’t been taken care of yet.
  • The bidding that took too long earlier is now catered by automatic suggestion that would offer 3 options to choose from. A Tasker would have about 30 minutes to respond to the ‘invitation’.
  • While there’s a review and rating system to rate a Tasker and his service, there is no such criterion where a Tasker could review and rate the TaskPosters which has been a rising concern as some of the TaskPosters have been found to mistreat the Taskers.

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