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The number of iphone or Android mobile applications develops so progressively, that maybe soon there will be no circle for which a mobile application won’t exist. One of the spheres where mobile applications turned into an absolute necessity have for the clients is taxi ordering. So, if you want to develop or make an application like GrabTaxi we, Futureworktechnologies will help to complete your dream app. We want please read this article very carefully.”
No more telephone calls, not any more compulsory cash payments to drivers – you pick your driver, you pick uncommon prerequisites the driver must hold by, just in two or three taps on your telephone! Uber, Easy, Lyft, Hallo, Cabify – this rundown of online taxi requesting applications is a long way from being comprehensive, and gets longer and longer with the time.
make an application like GrabTaxi

GrabTaxi is a mobile based taxi booking app. Our idea is to revamp the Philippines taxi industry, make it a safer and more competent means of transport. GrabTaxi is a mobile app which enables you to book a taxi, simply choose a pick-up point and destination or estimate the cost of the journey. GrabTaxi got rebranded as Grab and brought their taxis, private car services, motorcycle taxis, social carpooling and last mile delivery. So today Future Work Technologies has come up with this post to help you choose the best taxi app and to give information about the How to Make Create an App Build like GrabTaxi Know Development Cost.


To Make Create an App Build like GrabTaxi is one of the online taxi services that gain superior reputation and esteem. GrabTaxi is the primary taxi app in the Philippines and can be used in other Southeast Asian countries. These are ordinary taxi that can be booked through the app. There are also character cars, which are colorful taxis dressed as cute animals a bit embarrassing, but you’ll somehow feel extra safe in a pink kitty taxi. But like all taxis, GrabTaxi vehicles can be insufficient during rush hour and in certain areas. Drivers can also observe your destination and decline your request, especially when you don’t offer an additional tip. The GrabTaxi app is also have certain option for their GrabExpress, GrabCar and GrabCar+ services. GrabExpress is an on-demand pick-up and delivery service.



Through a scheme to drive South-East Asia promote by better lives, safety and convenience. To Make Create an App Build like GrabTaxi has been the most preferred service across the region. For reasons pretty much known, its customer appointment and service has been determinedly smooth by creating a positive impact right from the start. The company also offers services like

  • GrabCar:

This service allows you to ride in a private car and pay a fixed fare that is agreed upfront.

  • GrabBike:

Hire a bike and simply get around the city in the quickest way possible.

  • GrabExpress:

Send your parcels and documents with a delivery service you can trust.

  • GrabHitch:

This service enables you to carpool with other members in the carpool community.

The company focuses on 2 major aspects: one is making sure that drivers are subjected to creation more money on their platform and the other most important being the safety of passengers. On an average a driver who is active on the platform has every opportunity to increase his income from 30 to 300 %. In same time, GrabTaxi takes strict action against drivers who are subjected to complaint filed against them by the passengers. The focus on drivers who have been rated and approved by customers on Grab Taxi’s platform also relates to security.


The additional actions to make certain safety include Grab Taxi’s Share your Ride tool, which enable passenger to share their ride information through social media or other messaging apps with friends and family. The Users can also track the location of their taxi drivers, and their loved ones on a taxi through the app. There is a taxi booking app which is made through the platform every two seconds across the region.


The app functions by using your phone’s GPS services to track your pick up location and estimate the time of arrival of your driver. Through an option you can enter your drop location as well thereby the app gives you estimate figure of your travel cost as well. When a general survey was conducted, the drivers were frenzied about the app. GrabTaxi’s location-tracking helps the customers to connect closely with the driver. To booking a taxi involves a four step procedure;


  • Enter your pick-up and drop-off locations to get your estimated fare.


  • The nearest driver will be assigned to drive you to your drop-off location.


  • To know the driver’s location along with his contact information and the estimated time of arrival.


  • Share your trip details on the go, across all prefer social media platforms for added safety or to even let your loved ones know that you’re on your way.


To Make Create an App Build like GrabTaxi is a taxi-booking app along the popular car for hire service Uber, but with a key difference. The Uber is structure out its own fleet and emphasize on premium rides, while GrabTaxi works with the existing taxi ecosystem in the countries it is operating in namely Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. GrabTaxi are a lot more perceptive about the cost to pay for taking a taxi in territories whereas Uber charges a finest for a more lavish experience.


The company is reserved about the exact fees it collects today, but in the past it disclosed that it extracted S$0.30 (US$0.20) out of each ride in Singapore, THB 25 (US$0.70) per ride in Thailand, between five to ten percent of the taxi fare in Malaysia, and PHP 70 (US$1.48) per passenger in the Philippines. The company focus on two social missions who tie in mutually: ensure that drivers make more money on its platform and focusing on the security of passengers. GrabTaxi suspend the taxi drivers who get complaint file against by passenger, so the drivers don’t have incentive to behave in ways that could risk a ban.

grabtaxi pic

The highlighting on having only drivers who have been rated and passed by customers on GrabTaxi’s platform also relates to safety. The Other procedures to ensure security include GrabTaxi’s ‘Share your Ride’ function, which lets users share their journey through social media or messaging apps with friends and family. The Users can also follow the location of their taxi drivers, and their loved ones on a taxi through the app. Taxi drivers also have their contact numbers key into the app, so you can call them anytime. GrabTaxi’s location-tracking helps the customer connect more closely with the driver.


We explained how to Make Create an App Build like GrabTaxi Know Development Cost but to make this app with single hand is not an easy task for this we need proper team work not only team but specialist team .We take your business to the High levels with the help of an exceedingly engaging and successful Android and iOS mobile application at that point don’t abate to Contact Us

GrabTaxi – is one of the online taxi services that increased great reputation and popularity, and many individuals who wish to begin their taxi business, are occupied with how to buld their own particular taxi get application. As the group which built up a likewise fruitful online taxi application, working for taxi business in Switzerland, 7Likes Taxi, we presumably have the adequate mastery to impart to you some prompt. In this specific article you will read about:
1. How the GrabTaxi application works;
2. Elements of the make an application like GrabTaxi;
3. Architecture of the system;
4. Technologies utilized;
5. Convenience of interface and application natuveness;
6. Application distributing;
7. How much this all costs.

How the Make an Application Like GrabTaxi Works?

Like with a large portion of the applications of this sort, working with Grab is very simple for the client, and can be continued in a few taps on your telephone screen:
1. Inputting a get and drop-off addresses – writing in address fields or utilizing a guide;

2. When the application finds the closest driver – affirm the request. Furthermore, starfting from this minute you can track the driver’s area and see the approximate time of his entry to the get area.
Aside of the taxi service (GrabTaxi), Grab additionally offers 9 different administrations, for example,
GrabCar – when you procure a driver for throughout the day or a few hours, to drive you to different spots;

GrabHitch – when, to get to your address, you are prepared to impart the taxicab to other, not familiar to you, individuals;

GrabShare /b>– when you let your buddies share the ride with you. The ride charge is additionally shared, in like manner;

GrabCouch – valuable when you design a ride for the gathering of more than 10 individuals. Get offers transports for 13, 23 and 40 seats;

GrabShuttle – the service is analogous to a ordinary bus – you arrange only a seating in the common transport, which drives you to your goal;

Family – benefit that offers extremely agreeable conditions to ride with youthful youngsters;

JustGrab – when taxis, as well as customary auto driveres can execute your order;

GrabNow – for moment requesting a taxi ride, for exceptional Grab rewards;

GrabRental – you can even lease an auto for yourself, looking over changed auto sorts, for a day, month or even a year!

Elements of the system

As any taxi ordering service, the application of GrabTaxi has the standard structure:
• App for travellers – where anybody can advantageously arrange a ride;
• App for drivers – the work device for drivers who execute the orders;
• Administrative board – the control web-board to oversee drivers and requests.

The basic features of the Grab app for passengers

• Registration/login: through email or online networking;
• Menu to put in a request: to determine a get and goal addresses, pick a cabbie;
• Tracking driver’s area progressively;
• See the ride cost before requesting;
• In-application installment;
• Push warnings;
• Feedback and audits on the administration;
• Booking history.

The basic features of make an application like GrabTaxi Driver app

• Registration/check/status: the driver ought to be confirmed and endorsed by administrator, should be able to pick his work schedule, manage his online status;
• Accept of deny orders from clients, see client’s area and goal point, with the proposed course on the guide, see booking history;
• Push notices;
• Navigation;
• Cost of a ride, client’s input, bolster.

Admin web-panel

The administrator web-board fills in as the instrument to oversee and control every one of the processes of the application.
Through the administrator web-board drivers’ execution can be seen, alongside the measurements of their earnings, data on the clients, their grumblings. Likewise through this instrument the drivers can be added to or erased from the administration, and additionally their records suspended or ended as a result of breaking the principles or negative input.

Architecture of the system

To give the great quality work of the taxi requesting application, the versatile application interface matters, as well as the “back-end” part. It is about the server application which gets client information, forms it, sending to the specific administrations and applications. This back-end part really makes the correspondence between various components of the versatile application framework conceivable.The engineering can be clarified as the 3 levels of the framework work:
• Servers;
• Applications on servers (back-end part);
• Admin board and versatile applications (front-end part).
The correspondence between framework components is conceivable on account of the API. The framework faces challenge when it’s the high load. To adapt to it effectively and demonstrate great speed of work, the design ought to be advanced:
• Structurize well the information on server;
• Define the most extreme framework stack;
• Choose the advances that will adapt to the heap;
• Choose reasonable servers for an area;
• Test stack before propelling the application.

Picking the stage: iOS or Android?

Between the two stages must be picked the one which is nearer to the audience. In circumstance with a customer taxi app, it is sensible to build up the item on both of the stages. However, concerning the applications for the more tight gathering of people – for instance, drivers – there could be the more “top choice” stages, as on the off chance that with the 7Likes Taxi application, where every one of the drivers happened to be iOS users.

The more reasonable and instinctive the interface of the application is, the more fruitful the application is. At the point when the Grab application on a macintosh does not vary much from whatever remains of the projects in the framework, it is simpler to discover the capacities and menus required. The Grab application created for iPad should not contrast much from alternate applications on this device. The same is about Android device. This is called nativeness.

Application distributing

At the point when the application is completely created, to meet with the group of onlookers and begin working, it should be distributed – on Google Play or (and) App Store. To do this you should:
• Prepare materials for distributing (icon, depiction, and screenshots);
• Pay registration fees;
• Control if the application coordinates the Google Play and App Store directions;
• Upload the application at the App Store and Google Play.

Push Notifications and SMS

Timely notifications play important role in procuring and holding new clients. To give push notices work you ought to give your developers:
• APN (Apple Push Notification Service) – when you manage Apple devices;

• Google Cloud Messaging Service – when it’s about Android gadgets.
To give SMS warnings it’s expected to allude to a cell versatile administrator.


It’s one of the principle items of the taxi applications – to pay by means of your charge card, ideal from your telephone. To get this product into your application, on the off chance that you are from the US, your application must fulfill Payment Card Industry Security Standards. At the portable installment advertise there can be such accomplices, as Braintree, Stripe,


To get the target criticism on the framework work and plan battles, it’s sensible to utilize expository instruments. We suggest Firebase and Google Analytics.

Feedback and support

These highlights must not be overlooked regardless while building up the versatile application. You should demonstrate your clients that you are prepared to speak with them! The clients ought to be given the chance to appraise the administration, give it a stamp, leave the audit on a driver. This impacts the general rating of the application in particular!

Registration of a profile

To keep the historical backdrop of the considerable number of appointments, recall the picked up rewards and installment points of interest – this all is advantageously made with the assistance of the enrollment of a client profile. Such a choice improves clients’ lives, and is an absolute necessity for the applications where the versatile installments are presented.

Technologies behind a make an application like GrabTaxi

Obviously, a taxi application can’t live without anyone else, and depends on a pile of advancements. Specifically, a taxi application is unthinkable without these advancements:
• Geolocation;
• Push warnings and SMS;
• Mobile payments.

How much does Grab Taxi cost?

It is difficult to talk about the cost of a mobile application in fixed universal prices,, as this thing relies upon different elements, for example, the unpredictability of work and the speed of work of the pros, and, obviously, the cost every hour of the experts. To tally the cost of the undertaking, it should be isolated into compartments:
• Design;
• Native application advancement on iOS and Android;
• Development of the backend;
• Web advancement;
• Project administration;
• Quality affirmation.

Speaking about the time cost:

– App for drivers (iOS) – 148 hours;
– App for drivers (Android) – 148 hours;
– App for travelers (iOS) – 196 hours;
– App for travelers (Android) – 196 hours;
– Administrative board – 440 hours.
Hourly rates of the authorities shift from $20 to $150. A rough aggregate cost for the iOS application is around $30,000, and of an Android one – $35,000, what gives for the two stages – $65,000 altogether.

If you have any Query related to this article please feel free and contact us.

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