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The Lyft company based in San Francisco, California. It’s launched in June 2012. Lyft mobile application facilitates peer-to-peer ride sharing by connecting passengers, but the essential idea behind that how to make create an app build like lyft know development cost Future Work Technologies is explain the whole concept of Lyft App in better way.


The Lyft app is a main tool that has areas for both passengers and drivers. To use the app for Passengers to request for rides, and for drivers to accept rides, navigate to passengers, and handle other driver issues like their pay, vehicles, and insurance.


Lyft is a ride sharing app which allows you to sleet your own private car service with the click of a button through a smartphone app on your phone. Once you request a ride, a nearby driver will soon be en-route to your pickup location and will pick you up within minutes & will take you anywhere you need to go.The start using a lyft app, first you must install the app on your iPhone or Android then You also have the choice to receive a text message with a direct download link. After that just enter your mobile number there. Open up your app you will be signup or login to an existing account or you have another option to sign up or login by connecting your Facebook account.


login of lyft pic


If you are still uncertain about how this all works or how exactly you request a ride after you’ve installed the app and it’s ready to go we are here to clear things! Here are some of the most common things peoples need to know. People select for a ride then the necessary steps is that you need to take completed all of the above initial steps and you’re now signed in to your account. Set your pickup location Make sure that your pickup point is placed at your current location.

lyft work picYou can drag the pickup point to the exact location or tap the address in the white box above the Set Pickup button to manually input an address or location instead. This app will help to tell where you will go to accept rides, check payment, and conduct Business.


To know about that how to make create an app build like lyft know development cost.Firstly there are a lot of fascinating features inside in the Lyft app for both passengers and drivers that you might not know about.

Lyft passenger app features


The map that shows where you are available, Lyft car app allows you to select your pickup and drop off location. You can choose the different Lyft services from the map. There are several different Lyft services, each with a different purpose for riders.The regular Lyft holds 4 passengers, Lyft Plus holds 6 passengers, Lyft Line is a shared ride with stranger, and Lyft Premier is a luxury sedan that holds 4 passengers

lyft features pic

Set pickup location

To setup you pickup location Just Add your pickup location then its show destination bars. Add your destination by clicking that bar and entering an address or the name of a location. Lyft will show you price after you set your destination. The best way to get a Lyft price estimate is to simply enter your pickup and drop-off location and see what pops up. You can also add multiple stops if riders in your group plan to hop off the ride before the final destination.

lyft location pic


Ride history

This section is a list of recent rides you’ve taken. It gives you the information how much you paid, request a fare review.


Lyft revolve around being a cashless environment being able to sleet rides regardless of whether or not you have cash in your wallet. You can pay through credit card or PayPal account to your Lyft account. You need to navigate to the Payment tab in the app. It’s located under the menu.

lyft payment pic

Lyft Driver app features

The driver features of the Lyft app are simple and straightforward, so you’ll mostly be using the app to deal with ride requests.

lyft home pic

Home Tab

You can go online button of the tabs. Once you’ve clicked on this button, you will get the information on receive and accept ride requests.

Earnings tab

The earnings tab shows information about your daily and weekly ride earnings. But it’s not show referral earnings, and it doesn’t give you an easy way to bring up information about one specific ride.

Referrals Tab

lyft referal tab pic


The referrals tab display your Lyft promo code and show you how much you can get money by referring new drivers and passengers in your area. You may not be able to earn money by referring new passengers in your area. You will see if your referrals have applied, then you’ll see how many rides they have been completed and how many they need to do to activate the referral bonus


This is main information about the lyft that everybody should to know before to develop an app like lyft . One of the most popular apps like Uber is Lyft car service. It is erroneous to consider Lyft as the Uber’s copy even though they do have much in common. Also, it should be noted that the Lyft founders had already owned the organization provided that long tow rides when they decided to make a car app.

Compared with Uber, Lyft covers less services provided, however, their functionality is not narrow by the usual car renting only. Its depending on your needs you can choose Lyft, Lyft Plus, or Lyft Line service. The first one stands for the car ride by up to three persons simultaneously. The second one will be suitable if you want to go with a large company containing up to six people in the same car. The third option will be suitable if you are not in a hurry and want to save. In this case, you can use a ride sharing app in order to catch a car which drives another people to the same destination. Having split up the amount to pay, you will save your money.


lyft sign pic


A specific feature of the Lyft cars is that all of them drive with a fancy pink mustache attached to the bumper. This points out to the fact that the managers aim to create a homelike atmosphere, give confidence their users to a live friendly conversation.

How to make create an app build like lyft know development cost is not easiest task But in this articles I tried to give the best information about lyft that how does lyft works, features of messengers and drivers, How drivers to earns their bonus points etc.


We help our clients to achieve better growth in their business and give the best or creative ideas. If you are interested to know how to make create an app build like lyft know development cost Hires us!

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