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These days nearly all Mobile App Development Services like Cross Platform Development, Android App Development and iOS App Development bring advantages like 100% transparency, highly responsive, enhanced quality and business value with them. These have recreated the way how technology can be helpful for people of all age, including kids. These have defined a new way to provide education to current and future generations. It’s a mix of learning with fun and reduces the dependency on books.


To Build an Educational App for Kids is help to learn and believe upon the things that they see. Therefore the purpose of development of app must be determined before the designing and development work starts. An educational app is needs to be instructive in addition to graphics, animation and fun element. It must contribute to a child’s analytical, logical, cognitive and creative skills. If not all of them, at least the app must at-least be able to suffice a few of these criteria. Often a need arises to consult a child psychologist or a child interaction specialist who can guide through the various stages of child’s development. Here an expert creative / graphic designer is also be required who can depict the information effectively.


To Build an Educational App for Kids have some essential features required to be a part of educational apps, especially for kids are:

  • They must be free of advertisements, unnecessary links and pop ups etc
  • Simplicity is the very first criteria as children are our primary audience
  • Locked menu settings and level changes must be controlled by adults
  • There must be option to mute the music
  • Language used must be simple
  • Only necessary buttons must be placed to avoid complexity
  • Feedback for wrong answers and encouragement for correct ones must be there


  •  24-hour availability

For schools, the children have to follow a particular time table. But they can access a mobile learning app whenever they want regardless of times of the day. Unlike schools, there are no time schedules when a kid can access mobile apps. Unlike schools, there are no time schedules when a kid can access mobile apps. Most of these learning apps have child-friendly controls, thus the small ones can use them on their own without a problem. If a child needs the answer to any of his query, he just has to log on to the app and the work is done.

  •  Interactive in nature

Mobile apps for kids incorporate a wide range of attractive, interactive activities. The young learners are glued to small activities such as crossword puzzles, spot the difference activity, world-building, etc. For children who have a creative bent of mind, parents can go in for apps with coloring games and origami. Mobile learning is more than textbooks – it is an ideal way to expand various faculties of children.

  •  Enhances classroom performance

Mobile learning apps can enable children to secure better grades. These apps play a huge role in bolstering these little learners with skills to execute school assignments with precision. In case a child faces any problem with any subject he can search for the same on his Android or iPhone app. He can also ago in for advance class-preparation. This will boost his level of confidence.


  •  Valuable utilization of free times

As children, we always had a lot of free time which we might have wasted in useless pursuits. With eLearning apps kids can use their free time hours to learn something creative. As parents, we do not want our children spending too much time in front of a television or doing idle talk over the phone. Mobile learning apps are a good alternative to wasteful internet browsing. They even instill a sense of discipline in children.

  •  Sharing of knowledge gathered

Most of the mobile learning apps for kids are integrated with networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Kids can easily create their virtual study circles where they can share with their friends what all they are learning about, take part in discussions and even video hangouts. This ensures two-way transfer of knowledge. And because of such interactions children can make new friends.

  • Dynamic nature learning

Mobile learning apps include a broad form of learning systems, such as text-based learning, videos, info graphics, animated graphics, audio-narration, multiple-choice questions, and much more. A large percentage of students use their smartphones for eLearning, finding references, books, news or other productive activities.

  •  Enjoyable and informal

Children are averse to boring homework routines. The class-lectures are quite monotonous. Most of this complaint will fade away as a child gets aware with these learning apps. The Entertaining graphics, as well as imaginative illustrations, are a far call from regular studying patterns. Also when there is no teacher to check children, they feel at ease. The easy feel of a learning app propels kids towards better learning outcomes.

  • Systematic form of education

Learning imparted by a mobile learning app is in a systematic form. Whether it is storytelling app or subject-specific app, all kids’ learning apps ensure systematic education. The apps have built-in databases, where you can store stories and completed assignments for later reviews. You can also access digital copies of references and texts. Mobile learning apps take away the peril of haphazard studying.

  •  Stay connected with your teachers

Even though educational apps cannot be regarded as a substitute for classroom teaching, they serve to be an add-on to conventional teaching techniques. With these apps, students can get in touch with mentors and teachers by means of SMS’s, instant messaging and emails. This makes resolving queries doubts, very simple as well as easy task.


Mobile App development cost hardly differs from Web App development cost. The amount of time, effort and research required to build a software application determines its cost. Standard utility applications without flashy graphics and animations cost around $1k – $10k. Interactive design with customization features and cloud storage makes the price of the app to go up to $2k – $25k.

More features that are essential to be considered and which play important roles in determining the cost of the application are:

  • The operating platform on which it will function, such as windows, IOS, Android etc
  • Appropriate Mobile App Development Company and corresponding developers must be chosen to accomplish the task properly. They must understand basic requirement correctly and must have decent knowledge of technology and domain to be worked upon
  • Geographical location of the developer or the development company which will be creating the app also matters a lot. Hourly rate of app development in almost all countries of Asia or Middle-East range from $10-$20 per hour while the same app will cost $120-$160 in European companies or USA. Cost of freelance developers lies somewhere between $5-$15 / hour in Asia or Middle East while the same cost at $150 / hour in Europe or USA. Diversity of talent, cheap labor cost, currency flow and exchange rates also ascertain the software development cost.


We help our clients to achieve better growth in their business and give the best or creative ideas. If you are interested to know How Much Does it Cost to Build an Educational App for Kids Contact Us 

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