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Airbnb is an online marketplace for people to find out and book unique accommodations around the world online from a mobile phone or tablet. Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences. To make create an app build like Airbnb is given an online service so that people enable to rent for short term accommodation. It has more than 3,000,000 lodging listing in 65,000 cities and 191 countries and the price of lodging is set by the host. Future Work technologies is a global technology services company, specialized in mobile app and have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop successful apps and website. If you want to know How to make create an app build like Airbnb know development cost we are here for you to give whole information about Airbnb App.

On-demand economy has changed the way individuals see numerous things today, including travel and accommodation. That is one reason why organizations like Airbnb get billion-dollar valuations in fewer than five years Or on the other hand why applications like Airbnb are in awesome request around the world.


Airbnb has become a global platform to turn travelling experience upside down. This really popular space became a true community with an abundance of options and opportunities for everyone at a reasonable price. The cluster offers truly diverse adventures by renting a single room, apartment or a suite, a houseboat, a yacht or even a castle .It describes itself as a peer-to-peer online marketplace and home stay network that allows people to list or rent short-term lodging in residential properties.

What-is airbnb pic

The cost of the accommodation varies, but it always set by the property owner. The company earns revenue through a percent of service fees from guests and hosts with every booking. The headquarter of Airbnb is in San Francisco. It was founded in August 2008. The thought came to Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia in 2007 when they could not afford the rent for their apartment. Then they complete their living room into a bed and breakfast for three guests and provide homemade breakfast. From that point they earn profits and started working with investors and became the global powerhouse of short breaks.


In case you’re perusing this, you have most likely considered improving your business with a versatile utilization of this sort Or, on the other hand maybe, following Airbnb’s plan of action to fire up an endeavor. So read on to find easy routes to building an application like Airbnb.

Here’s the arrangement:

  1. What is Airbnb
  2. Airbnb business model canvas
  3. Who might be keen on an Airbnb-like portable application
  4. How much does it cost to manufacture an application like Airbnb
  5. How to pay less and get what you need


To make create an app build like Airbnb is planned for booking hosts in all over the world. It provides services in more than 190 countries. Using the service, not only can you book a room, but also rent your room or house out. All you need to do is to register and fill up your profile. Then you can explore the options in the place where you want to go, and estimate how much your home can cost and then rent it out. This app make life easier for people who traveled a lot.

how airbnb works pic


As a guest, you scroll through the properties listed in the city you are looking for a room in. One of the best things about Airbnb is that every type of room available. You can find just a single bedroom, an entire house, apartment, a mansion, villa, and even boats like yachts. As you filter your results, you can view pictures of accommodation and read the host’s profile to see what kind of person they are.

Sometimes you will be living with the host, and sometimes the host won’t even be there. You’ll find out the information as you read the accommodation description. You can message the host and ask questions about the accommodation. I think this is an extremely important step, because you get to see what your host is like. One of the biggest complaints about using Airbnb is that the host wasn’t adequate.

use for guest as airbnb pic

You can filter your results by adding many things like price, location, type of accommodation, amenities, and near certain points of interest. Most importantly you want to make sure the property is available for the date you want it. If you want to go ahead with the reservation, you submit your reservation with your payment information. To make create an app build like Airbnb will collect a payment after the host accepts your request. If the host do not accept your request then no money will be collected.

As per the most recent details, the organization now has:

  • 100 million clients
  • 640,000 hosts
  • 2,3 million postings
  • 500,000 visitors stay every night by means of Airbnb
  • 10 billion miles of go to Airbnb goals
  • 191 nations and 65,000 urban communities effectively engaged with Airbnb
  • Estimated income around $900 million

Airbnb business model canvas

Make/Create app like Airbnb


Airbnb sees an issue originating from the present condition of economy and another logic of life. Individuals who need to make a trip widely to various goals confront these obstacles:

  • Price turns into an impediment
  • Hotels abandon you detached from the city and its way of life
  • No simple path exists to book a live with a neighbourhood or turn into a host

Individuals need a special accommodation encounter and will impart it to local people, influence companions, to construct connections and the sky is the limit from there.


Facilitating alternative, improved by computerized organizing encounters, is a specialty model of collaboration amongst explorers and local people. The well known pitch via Airbnb goes, ‘Hosts characterize the Airbnb encounter, yet there are individuals who are dependably in a hurry. We will likely make facilitating as simple as conceivable through inconceivable portable encounters, world-class friendliness activities, and new courses for hosts to interface straightforwardly with each other.’


As a host, you earn some money from the property you own. Many types of people put up their personal homes for random strangers to use. For example, you may have an extra room in your home and you want to make a little bit of income from it. You could rent locally, or use a service like Airbnb to help rent your unused space.

If you travel a lot and sometimes you’re away for a few months. If you are leaving your home empty and unused, you could make money off it while you are away by renting it out to people who could use your home. In any of the cases, you can make a bit of side cash with the real estate you own.

use airbnb for hosts pic

To listing your property on Airbnb you’ll need to sign up for an account, be accepted, and enter info about your property for rent. It is a quite easy procedure. Once your property is planned, sit back and wait for the reservation requests and personal messages come through. Just like how guests can view

your personal profile, you can view guest profiles as well. Remember, you are offering your home up to others. The biggest prospective difficulty hosts have is that people will break, steal or destroy your property. Airbnb offer $1,000,000 in compensation to keep their hosts from these types of problems.


Airbnb is one of the startup gems that make money in a direct way: by charging its users. While other startup superstars like Facebook and Twitter have shakier publicity models. To make create an app build like Airbnb makes money by charging service fees to hosts and guests alike.

The guest fee ranges from 6-12%, depending on the size of the reservation subtotal. The higher the subtotal, the smaller the reservation fee percentage which is non-refundable if the guest cancels. Airbnb also charges hosts a 3% host service fee.

The company increases a huge $200 million last year. Airbnb’s raised their revenue to be $189 million. The property owners are provided free listings by Airbnb and the travelers then browse the various properties in a particular location as per their requirements and budget. The booking and monetary transactions are carried out on the Airbnb platform.

how does airbnb works pic

The company gets its share of revenue from these transactions through two sources. To make create an app build like Airbnb deduct a flat 10% commission from hosts for every booking done through the platform. Hosts also have to pay a 3% fee for the processing of the payments of the guests. The booking amount as service fee is set by Airbnb in every confirmed booking. This fee is non-refundable. Airbnb is reason that people can save cash on booking fees if they book in huge numbers.

The users are gather a value added tax and as a result it is intended on the final value of the goods and services. The tax laws vary from country to country and Airbnb does not accuse VAT for every booking. Hence if any of guests who pay in a different currency than the host has selected are subject to varying exchange rates determined by Airbnb.

Existing choices

There are various option specialist organizations, both goliath cordiality organizations as Marriott, Expedia and Star.wood and in addition more up to date computerized suppliers, as Flipkey, TripAdvisor and others. Among the best rivalry, are a couple of facilitating organizations, rating high in client audits:

  • – the biggest convenience booking site on the planet with voyager agreeable cancelation strategies and in a split second bookable stock and natural UI.
  • HomeAway – the greatest get-away rental administrations supplier with more than 1,000,000 flats, lodges and houses. It has overall stock and runs various brands including: VRBO, Travelmob (Asia), Bookabach (New Zealand), FeWo-direkt (Germany), Homelidays (France), OwnersDirect (UK) and others.
  • Homestay – its business is worked around facilitated lodging, that is convenience with a host, likewise to Airbnb, with a predisposition towards Couchsurfing: the estimating is low and it is all the more regularly a mutual room.
  • Trivago – has a shockingly decent choice of adjusted lofts, getaway homes, inns and overnight boardinghouse. The site is prevalent because of an extensive variety of stock and usability. Not at all like Airbnb, gives lodging without has.

Extraordinary offer


  • can benefit from leasing spaces
  • get protection from Airbnb
  • get free photograph shoots of their property


  • book a homestay with a neighborhood host to get an insider’s understanding
  • can browse an assortment of costs, remarkable goals, and lodging alternatives


  • provides protection to recorded properties
  • facilitates the way toward booking living space for explorers
  • provides rating and survey framework for hosts and visitors

Unreasonable preferred standpoint

Truly, out of line advantage does not generally work and it’s smarter to be a sprinter up in business than to be the first. Airbnb initially was situating itself as the main ‘inflatable cushion rental organization’, yet it wound up happier after a more customary way. Presently the clients advantage from having a system. The organization gives extra administrations to has (free photograph shoots, protection, survey and rating framework). In the meantime, it develops trust by offering better client encounter for all members.


For Airbnb, clients are individuals who add to the organization’s income. These are the key members of the plan of action – the hosts and visitors – who pay commission at whatever point booking happens. So how does the organization discover these customers? By and by Airbnb has a site and versatile nearness by means of portable applications for Android and iOS. It has developed web nearness by arranging exceptional occasions, by means of organizations and postings. Through the span of improvement, it has utilized these 5 channels as methods for pulling in group of onlookers:

  • social media
  • word of mouth
  • digital promoting, including paid ad
  • promotional offers
  • affiliate show/allude and-gain offers

Client fragments


  • Hosts are the general population who claim property and need to profit by leasing their accessible space.


  • They can make a posting for their property on AIrbnb, include property points of interest and set their own particular lease, registration, registration time and so on.
  • Hosts can acknowledge or dismiss a booking subsequent to perusing the surveys of the explorer or in the wake of experiencing his social profiles.


  • Guests are the general population who book the recorded accessible spaces from nearby has.
  • Guests have the choice to scan for a property by sifting them as indicated by lease, offices, area and so on.
  • Guests can book a space by paying through the Airbnb gateway.

Independent Photographers

  • Airbnb has a tremendous system of independent picture takers in every single real city of the world who go to an area and snap superior quality photos of the property.
  • The superb photos get more reactions and the independent picture takers are paid via Airbnb specifically.

Cost structure

The customary rundown of the organization’s uses incorporates:

  • technological setup and running
  • employee pay rates
  • photographers’ charges

Income streams

Airbnb offers property postings for nothing out of pocket to see by explorers or add to by proprietors. It gets its offer from the booking and money related exchanges that are done on Airbnb’s stage. The 2 income sources are these:

  • each proprietor pays 3%;
  • every inhabitant – from 6% to 12%;

It is truly a great circumstance for everybody on the grounds that the administration deducts its offer just when the installment is acquired by property holders, and they, thus, are paid just when tenants are fulfilled. This is an unmistakable case of the win-win procedure: the individuals who consider others to start with, benefit.

At first the organization enabled property proprietors to set the cost, however this didn’t function admirably and the organization began losing customers. By and by, the cost is set naturally. The application utilizes a novel open-source machine learning bundle, called Aerosolve, to give precise evaluations of the best cost in each territory whenever. The AI predicts the request by considering an order of components, for example, regularity, special highlights of a posting and value rates.

Who might be keen on an Airbnb application clone

To comprehend whether your business needs an application like Airbnb, we should first take a gander at the way clients can collaborate with it and after that at the abilities of Airbnb choices.

Airbnb application’s collaboration outline

At the premise of a property rental application, there’s a 5-stage model of collaboration:

  1. HOSTS rundown out their property points of interest by means of AIRBNB application alongside depiction of offices, area and so on.
  2. AIRBNB sends an expert PHOTOGRAPHER (if accessible) to the property area keeping in mind the end goal to take great photos.
  3. GUESTS scan for settlement in the city where they wish to stay and peruse accessible alternatives as indicated by value, comforts and so on.
  4. Bookings are made through AIRBNB where a GUEST pays the sum specified by HOST in addition to commission.
  5. HOST affirms the booking. Visitor remains there lastly AIRBNB pays the sum to the HOST in the wake of deducting their bonus.

Aside from this, the application’s clients can likewise:

  • manage the posting specifically from the portable application
  • get familiar with potential hosts/visitors before their entry
  • accept, decay, pre-favor, and send unique offers to visitors ‘in a hurry’
  • manage request, verify ‘to-do’s’ and react to messages from the host home
  • view the ‘cordiality models’, to give the best multifaceted experience
  • update the ‘timetable accessibility’
  • access “gatherings” to interface with your host group
  • and more

Does the model fit my business?

Not certain whether it merits going into an indistinguishable business from a unicorn like Airbnb? Consider this: as indicated by AirDNA, a fourth of all appointments of the Airbnb are held inside the United States, which implies the specialty in different nations is sans still. In addition to other things, the administration is extremely mainstream in expansive urban communities, bypassing the littler ones. So neighborhood new companies have a decent possibility of progress.

Gone up against a bigger scale, Airbnb effectively receives a sharing (or distributed) economy plan of action – people sharing human and physical assets.

The four mainstays of sharing economy are:

  • digital stages that interface save limit and request
  • transactions that offer access over possession

more collective types of utilization

  • branded encounters that drive passionate association

From this point of view, Airbnb is NOT a pioneer of sharing economy. Famous organizations like eBay and Craigslist have exploited the model for more than 10 years.

Organizations in the sharing economy don’t give people straightforwardly merchandise and ventures. They profit by associating purchasers and dealers. What’s more, that, in its turn, gives a possibility to proceeded with income development. So regardless of the feature getting accomplishment of Airbnb, a similar plan of action is broadly utilized by different enterprises. Consider cases underneath.

Travel and Hospitality

Aside from a wide range of rental answers for explorers, a lot of applications will give petcare help while you’re away. Among the best pet sitter applications are Rover, Pet Nanny, DogVacay and others. Have a hunger for exceptional voyaging encounters? Offer a supper with a neighborhood – a dinner sharing application like Feastly, EatWith, or Cookapp gives this lifetime opportunity.

Real Estate

Given the short condo chase eras, versatile applications prove to be useful, enabling clients to peruse postings at whatever point it’s helpful – from remaining in line at the store to staring at the TV at night. As the interest for continuous condo posting data develops, rental applications are dashing to give better administrations that make life less demanding for tenants. Among the most well known rental applications today are: Zillow Rentals, Trulia Rentals,, Zumper and others.

Car and Transportation

Zipcar, Turo, Car2Go, Lyft, Uber – to give some examples – are car organizations making utilization of versatile applications. The sharing economy is rapidly clearing new streets in the car business, building up a web of transportation alternatives. Bumming a ride, it appears, is back – in some shape. Having a versatile application is a triumphant technique with car business.


Overwhelming rivalry and steady interruption compel business endeavors to stay up to date with innovative improvements. From one viewpoint, expansive advanced commercial centers are pushing back their cutoff points, on the other, SME’s are looking for lean methods for utilizing innovation for remarkable UX arrangements. Versatile applications give a simple access to neighborhood and worldwide item/benefit exchange. Two of the normal redesigns in online business – the increases of home conveyance (HD) and snap and-gather (CnC) administrations – both call for versatile applications.

What Amount does it cost to Assemble an Application like Airbnb

The cost of improvement relies upon many elements:

A group’s size and area

The quantity of stages to construct an application for (iOS, Android, cross stage)

Usefulness set and specialized unpredictability of highlights

Innovation stack

Degree if outline customization

Design arrangements and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

It’s not an issue to discover harsh assessments of Airbnb application improvement costs on the net. There are live discourses on Quora, Youtube and other respectable sources. Sufficiently only to give you a general thought of what’s in store.

In any case, they neglect to go top to bottom into questions like:

What’s a negligible advancement group for the undertaking?

How to setup the procedure?

Which include do I require ahead of everyone else and why?


To what extent will it take?

What’s the valuing strategy?

How might I diminish the improvement costs?


Here’s our concept of how an application like that will be fabricated. The venture has three fundamental strides: pre-improvement organize (deciding the group, business rationale, application engineering, process setup), advancement (plan, portable customer, backend) and adjustment. We should accept we’re building up an application for one stage just, say, iOS.

#1 The team

A minimum team will include:

1 UI fashioner

1 iOS developer

1 backend engineer

1 project director

1 QA build

#2 The application design

Next, we decide the application design. That incorporates:

Undertaking setup

REST API execution

Database display

Usage of administrations and libraries

#3 Development exertion estimation

The normal cost of versatile advancement in Eastern Europe is $35 every hour. In our unpleasant gauge of the venture term and cost we included three alternatives of usefulness by orchestrating the highlights in the request of need – from the most to minimal profitable for a property rental business.

Out of different prioritization procedures, we’ve utilized the MoCSoW strategy that sorts the highlights into:

‘Unquestionable requirements’ – highlights with the greater part of business esteem, supreme need to develop since they make a base suitable item

‘Should-haves’ – highlights that will probably upgrade client encounter, however are not crucial toward the begin

‘Could-haves’ – those may add to your upper hand

‘Won’t-haves’ – will be a pointless misuse of assets

This gives a thought of the usefulness and spending plan to begin with and what to take after with.

‘Unquestionable requirements’

At any rate, you need your clients to have their own profiles to sign into and have the capacity to:

Post an advertisement with property depiction

Look for property and view pictures and depictions

Book properties and contact or tell the host in any way

So the indispensable highlights will be:

Login and enlistment – to check a client’s character

Client profile/Edit client profile – the fundamental data about a client and capacity to oversee it

Inquiry property/Property postings/Search channels – that is the “Visitor” mode that incorporates the center looking and booking usefulness

Property on the guide – takes into consideration restriction

Property points of interest/Rent out property/My promotions – the “Host” mode, containing publicizing capacities

The hours for ‘must-have’ highlights include this way:

UI outline – 220-350 hrs

Portable advancement – 340-480 hrs

Backend advancement – 200-350 hrs

Task supervisor – 30% of improvement costs – 160-225 hrs

QA build – 30% of improvement costs – 160-225 hrs

Add up to (term) – 1120-1570 hrs

Add up to (cost) – $39200-$54950

That is the aggregate cost of your MVP.

If your aim Make/Create app like Airbnb and build the next chartbuster on-demand mobile app like Airbnb, then contact us today. Our expert team will listen you, experience and consultative approach towards the business, in the field of on demand apps, can help you shape an outstanding and scalable on demand food app. Hire us for your dream on-demand mobile app development now, by choosing us as your technology partner.

We Make It For You!

We make Apps that look fantastic, and work beautifully. For iOS and Android. It’s what we do, really well. If you want to know how to Make Create an App Build like Airbnb knows Development Cost Contact us

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