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With rising city dwellings, expanding roots of human settlements, with the intricate urbanization happening all over, the way we find our ways through routes and off-the-routes are getting tougher. And this is the reason the navigation apps are growing in their prominence and scope to help us read, predict and pierce through routes and directions better. GPS navigation these days has become a necessary part of a daily routine of taxi drivers, bill collectors and ordinary drivers, as it is one of those technologies that definitely interfere in our lives so then we can’t imagine our daily incidence without it. But today we’re going to talk about another application called Waze that uses GPS technology to ease the life of the users.


To Build a Navigation App Like Waze is mostly known as the best navigation app after Google Maps. And the interesting thing to know here is that Waze was acquired by Google in 2013 when it already had 40 million active users. Waze has almost everything in terms of features and functionalities that you require out of a navigation app. Most noticeably, the app comes with a unique crowd-sourced component. This means any driver who is using the app has access to report any accident, hazards or blockages in the route they are travelling. They are also allowed to add a photo to their notes.


Talking about the communication interface, it is quite user-friendly and intuitively designed with handy and effortless reception. Maps are sourced with dynamic indicators and pointers to allow users to identify and track the optimum routes and avoid dense traffic and clogged roads. And all this runs in real-time.


  • User-driven interface

To Build a Navigation App Like Waze offer extremely instinctive design to effortlessly connect with user. The app features well details and efficiently designed structure. While minimalistic approach in building design elements make it really easy for users to communicate with the app.

  • Real-time updates

Waze allows you to get real-time updates on traffic. These updates are combined with crowd sourced information which further enriches the quality and intensity of the updates through which you can find easiest ways to transit and optimally reach your destination.


  • Carpool service

Recently in 2016, Waze ventured into carpooling segment allowing share rides with fellow commuters and named the service Waze Rider. This service reads the routes frequencies and draws congruency among user to let those best similar results for shared commutation.


  • Planned Drive

Another feature that makes it a great service is Planned Drive. With this feature, you can enter your preferable drive time and date and it suggests you the best time to go for a trip. These drives can be added to calendars, which can be further shared on emails and Facebook if so required.

  • Important Add-ons

The most important add-ons offered by Waze is it allow police alerts track. These make logic when you live in a metro and have to follow sufficient traffic rules and regulations. As the app is integrated with Facebook and Foursquare, so you can keep close with your friends’ travel updates and check-ins. Another noticeable add-on feature includes Amber alert, which sends alerts when a driver passes down an abducted area. Quite helpful when you own a fleet of vehicles or have a transport unit.


When you are aiming to develop an app like Waze you primarily mean to do some business that earns you real money. Yeah?! And that you cannot do without monetizing your app. If we talk about Waze, they are primarily dependent on earnings through location-based advertising. And the first season itself went really prolific for them as they made about $1 million by the end of the year in which they launched the service.


They get advertisements from various small businesses putting their trade details/address/information on the map and allow them different pricing options on a monthly basis. These locations are visible with ads to the users who are searching for the place or looking to drive through it. Now, this gets even better when the system depicts the starting location and the destination and shows relevant ads of the businesses that fall in that route.


To Build a Navigation App Like Waze is very difficult task. Well, to get to the estimates, we first need to determine and analyze the elementary requirements and basic expenses. So, the first of the requisites is to decide whether you would go with a native app or will it be cross-platform app development.

Here, the suggestion is to go with native app development as it allows you to achieve better quality and in the long run proves beneficial with scope to easily scale up and with better choices in terms of security. Go with all the essential functionalities and include all the complementing features that allow it to offer a complete navigation service without going with all those bells and whistles and without going overboard with strident features achieving the core of the idea and achieving what Waze does essentially. With all that, it should cost you about $30k at least.

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