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All the companies work with a single aim to deliver door-to-door and on-demand services to people across the globe. On-demand delivery apps have been a major trend since last few years. From hailing a ride to shopping for grocery to getting a body massage, everything is easy and available through few taps on our mobile screen.
With businesses outstretching their services to provide a broad range of customers and market segments across industries, on-demand delivery app hold a glittering future.


  • Transportation

Taxi on demand started the on-demand mobile application trend. Uber developed the transportation service and created an on-demand platform. The taxi app is the most used service that is leveraged by the customers. The most popular taxi apps in this category include Uber, Lyft, GoCatch and Shofer.

Taxi app development becomes very common because, it is cost-effective compared to the taking taxis. On-demand taxi booking companies are present a range of different services that ranges from budget to luxurious rides.

  • Food Delivery

Mealtime incepted the on-demand food delivery service now called Foodora, which is serving food to late-night working employees and businesspersons. On-demand food delivery is one of the main and most-popular areas and there are lots of service operators such as UberEats, Seamless, Grubhub, Swiggy, Postmates, Zomato and many more. In fact many of restaurants are present an entire different range of cuisines so consumers can order food suitable to their mood and taste bud.

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  • Subcontracting

There is an ongoing trend of subcontracting services. After inclined by the achievement of America, there is an on-demand service, broadly trending in Australia with major platforms such as Sidekicker and Airtasker. These services are helping customers with routine tasks such as home improvements and general cleaning. There are now on-demand clothes washing startups, such as LaundryRun and Dryz, launching in Australia. This area seems potential enough to grow further in the future.


  • Place the order
  • Schedule a delivery
  •  Track delivery status on the map
  • Pay for delivery
  • Rate or providing feedback about the delivery
  • Recommendations
  • Referrals
  • Special offers
  • Promo codes


  • Create an app that explains a need

With the facts of On-Demand Delivery App in the market, you will need to find your application to stand out from the crowd. In case if there are similar apps, then solve an existing problem, think about how you can do it better than other competitors.

  • Convenience is key

The application should give customers an on-demand and a simple purchasing skill. There should be features and technology that should be simpler to use, e.g. live tracking, easy payment and a service progress screen. To complement the intuitiveness, ensure your app’s UI and UX design is intuitive and visually appealing. The end user should be able to access the app easily and identify which buttons are interactive.

  • Identify your industry

At the planning stage of on-demand mobile application idea, you should identify the place market and understand where you can get a competitive advantage. Focusing on one market, allows you to avoid competing and stay focused on a specific target audience to become the market leader. This is how hailing a ride platform becomes so successful.

The cost estimates may differ from company to company. All these price quotations are in line with recent trends and industry standards. Here is a rundown of added features that can vary the price of your app. The cost estimates are mentioned as the number of working days, which can be further calculated by the average hourly price.

  • Rating & Reviews:

Customers can express their opinion about the services they received and then rate those bad, good, average, excellent as per their experience. Most on-demand delivery apps incorporate this functionality. On an average, it takes around 6 days to implement it.

  • Recommendations:

The overall time invested in developing recommendations feature is 4 days. With this, along with rating, users can suggest some changes and creative ideas that the app owner can include for a more futuristic approach.

  • Referrals:

To provide an added flavour to users who have been using your app since long, referral programs are a thumbs-up. They let your customers save a lot and help you earn with new users (their friends and family) downloading and subscribing to your app. The developer has to code additionally that takes around 2 business days.

  • Special Offers:

Customer engagement is most important and for that, app owners need to give them something special. Offers and discounts are add-on features that need a development time of 2 working days.

  • Promo Codes:

Applying promo code functionality on the app requires 3 additional days. So, the cost can be calculated on per hour basis.

  • Payments & Mobile wallets:

Payment through credit card or mobile wallets is yet another important feature of an on-demand delivery app, which takes around 4 days to put into effect.


We are on demand mobile app Development Company and we would like to assist you to become your on demand app development partner. As we are top notch industry leader and we own special expertise in the field of on demand applications to expand your business reach and make your product viable.For more information, contact us Future Work Technologies

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