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Everyone knows that fitness, as well as healthy lifestyle, is trending these days. Health apps become enormously popular. Therefore, your health and fitness app will find its users too. A key to success here is not to mix all the possible features in one app, but create an application with nice, easy interface and smart functionality. People love easy and useful software. That’s what it is all about. People take resolutions to stay fit and active. Probably many pledges that they would maintain a healthy diet and would take every step to cut overweight. Health app development often includes features that measure calories, mood, and sleep patterns but can also track indications or form health records. Fitness app development is frequently includes tracking steps, creating an exercise log, or acting as a personal trainer.

Why a Health and Fitness Mobile App?

After a hectic day, when you return back to the home, you might not be able to understand what you can cook for yourself that is healthy and good for a dinner. Or the next morning you might feel lazy to get up from the bed and avoid going for jogging or even perform a moderate exercise. In such a case mobile apps that have become an important need in every person’s life helps can help one to get motivated to stay up and do some beneficiary acts for our body.

• An app can help you store the fitness data in one place and access whenever you want to. These includes-diets and workout plans are at our fingertips.

• An app can help you store the fitness data in one place and access whenever you want to. These includes-diets and workout plans are at our fingertips.

• The app can motivate lazy and busy people to get off the bed early in the morning.

Features of Health and Fitness App

1. The Registration Process

The initial step you need to create a user account through which a person can register with the app. Here the user will just have to type his name, mobile number and email id. The verification code will be sent to the concerned number and user is registered.

2. Building a User Profile

The second essential features where the user tends to enter his personal information such as his weight, height, age, gender body type, whether he is allergic to something, if he is diabetic or has any other medical concern etc.

3. Linking the App with Social Media

It is not always necessary that a user wants to log in into an account through his email. He might not want to disclose it. So, you can also provide him other options such as logging through social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter etc. If the account is linked up with the social media platforms, it will help the users to publish their results after using the app and also they can search out for other valuable information.

4. Connecting App with Wearable Devices

The app developers have to keep in mind that simply developing the health and fitness app for the mobile device will not solve their purpose. It is needed that the app should be linked with other external devices specifically with the wearable devices so that the users can track their activities and exercise routines more easily.

5. Keeping a Track Record of Workout or Diet Plan

The foremost purpose of the app is support the customer in his day-to-day physical activities. It will keep a record of distance traveled by walking, running, cycling and so on. Even app will also show that how much calories have been burnt, how much kilos or pounds have been reduced and many feet or centimeters the user’s height has increased. All data collected in the cloud base goes into the fitness stores. It also helps in preparing a meal plan in accordance with the weight and calorie requirement of the body. You can fix your own exercise schedule according to your convenience.

6. The Facility of Geo location

Geo location is one of the most essential features of almost all mobile apps and therefore, the health and fitness app cannot be excluded. It keeps observing the directions and routes you are following while you go for the walk or cycling. You can know your exact location.

7. The Push Notification Option

The health and fitness apps always keep you inspiring to reach your goal and so, they set up reminders when you have to go for a workout or a jogging session. It does not let you miss out your important exercise schedule or skip put a meal.

8. Adding the Live Video Tutorials

If your wish to add some live streaming video lecture choice into the app such as important tips on how to work out on a particular part of the body or the correct method of doing pushes, then it will give you many added advantages. Individual users will benefit from such videos and you can also utilize it to promote your app.

9. Buying Equipment and Health Drinks

You can also provide the facility to the users the option of buying certain small gym equipment and supplementary health drinks. They don’t have to visit some other app for that purpose. This will save their time and you can earn some money.

10. The Payment Options

Most of the services offered in health and fitness app are for free, but there are some chargeable services too. Besides if you are marketing health drinks and equipment, then it becomes required to add this option.
So, make the payment option appropriate and deal with different options such as paying through bank, wallet transfer or payment via card.


The health and fitness apps are the need of time and most people who don’t have time to go to gym or fitness center will bank upon it more and more. However, you have to be very precise when you are adding the features into the app. Building such types of apps can be a challenging task for the developers because on one front they have to attract users through features and on the other offer seamless experience.
If you are searching for a company to develop your health and fitness app, then you are at the right place. Contact us today!

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