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Lazada is the biggest E-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, Lazada has created a unique online shopping mall that connects consumers with merchants and enables transactions for the products people want to buy. Sellers on Lazada offer many types of products, from jewelry and clothing to consumer electronics and sporting equipment. To expand your company’s reach and form a profitable relationship with an e-commerce platform, consider Future work technologies. If you want to know how to make create an app build like lazada know development cost here for you.

How Do Sellers Get Started with Lazada?

In e-commerce platforms, Lazada offer a quite straightforward start-up method for retailers. Customers benefit from several payment options when they place orders, including cash on delivery, credit card. Shopping online is now one of the easiest tasks to do, you can do with the help of a phone, PC, and a strong internet connection can simply browse through a list of items available within the top online shopping site of the country. People can click on an item, have them delivered, and paid through cash upon delivery, within a short time frame.

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Steps in Becoming a Lazada Seller


a) Fill out the Lazada registration form.

b) Upload the following ID.

c) Read and accept the seller agreement.

2.Complete the On-boarding Training

a) Complete the online training and survey.

b) Verify your seller center account.

3.Place Your Items and Start Selling

a) Upload your items on your seller center account.

b) Confirm your orders.

c) Real time chat support in seller center.



The biggest advantage of the group’s Marketplace is Lazada’s own tenure as a top market brand online. This provides a good sense of marketing for most of the items, before you want to make an app like Lazada we need to know about the benefits of Lazada.


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Shopping online is more suitable than going to a physical store. You don’t need to get dressed and go to the nearest grocery store. All you have to do is open your computer, visit their website, find the product that you want to buy and lastly, wait for the products.

Better prices

Lazada offer lower prices compared to stores at the mall, they are the most reasonably priced online stores in the country. You can also do the canvassing at the physical store but browsing products from these shops will save you time and energy.


Your loved ones can buy for you

You can now buy gifts for their loved ones here in the country since Goods. Lazada accept customers from all over the world that have credit card or PayPal account. The sender will just have to fill questions related to the payment method and of course, the receiver’s information.


Discreet buying

Not all of us have the spirit to show people what we need. For example, some people are too shy to buy sanitary napkins while others are too conscious when buying slimming supplements. These two online stores in the Philippines are perfect for discreet buyers.


24/7 Availability

Lazada operate 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days. You can shop anytime you want. No one’s stopping you if you feel like shopping at 12 midnight. Online shopping stores are made to give you the freedom to shop at your own measure and convenience.


Lazada online shopping store has only been operating in the local e-commerce sight for less than two years but it has established itself as one of the most reliable online shopping websites in the country. The company hit the one million sales bar in less than a year, a sales feat that can’t be topped by others in the game.


Lazada qualities pic

Shopping Destination

The numbers of products are available in Lazada, Lazada is the place to visit for all your shopping needs. Besides a wide selection of international and local brands, you will also find exciting products that are available absolutely on Lazada.

Easy and Accessible Shopping

Through online shopping become easy no more traffic jams, crowds and long queues. Shop anytime, anywhere on your computer and mobile phone. They provide very quick and reliable delivery service, so that customers feels relaxes and the package will come to them.

Safe and Secure Shopping

To Understanding the importance of safe and secure shopping, we provide our customers with a wide range of secure payment options including cash-on-delivery, where you pay in cash only when you receive your package. All purchases of Lazada are guaranteed to be genuine products, new, not defective or damaged. If it is, simply return it within 7 days for a full refund under our Buyer Protection Program.


They provide a customer services for any questions or feedback, please contact our Customer Service here and we will try our best to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.


To make an app like Lazada, the most important platform is Online Payment that allows you to receive payment from your customer online. The customer doesn’t need to make payment to you manually via the cash deposit machine or cheque anymore. If they pay you through Internet banking, then all of the transaction data is stored in your Online Payment Gateway dashboard. Your customer doesn’t need to send you the slip screenshot anymore. And you don’t need to spend time to check manual in your online banking whether the transaction is genuine or fraud.


online payment lazada pic


Customers making purchase through credit card

According to research, 75% of customers prefer credit card as their payment method while shopping online. 67% prefer internet banking and 26% prefer PayPal. The reasons why people prefer credit card is certainly because of point redeem. The more they spend using the plastic card, the more they collect points to redeem items.

Purchasing item using credit is easier than cash

People like to spend money on Shopping is not just a leisure pursuit but sometimes a passion for certain people. Purchasing item through credit is a lot easier than cash. You need to have money to purchase cash where you don’t need cash to purchase via credit.

Faster transaction

Online Transaction Payment is faster. Your customer doesn’t need to spend time driving to bank to make payment to you. Just sit in front of their desktop or simply make payment from their mobile phone.

Sell expensive items

The business owner chooses not to sell expensive items. This is because they knew that their customer couldn’t have enough money to make high amount payment due to insufficient cash. If you have Payment Gateway, you have opened a new opportunity for you customer to buy from you via credit. Thus, there are no more problems of selling expensive items.

Buying in bulk

The purchasing power of your customer increase. Instead of they can buy only one product, now with Payment Gateway that offers Credit Card transaction, they can buy your item in bulk.

Accept payment at anytime

Customers can purchase your item and make payment at anytime. Compare to old traditional cash payment, they need to manage their purchase accordingly with some limitation like time. They say that everything is at your fingertips in this internet era. Don’t let your money stay away from their fingertips.

Save your time

If you still receive payment manual, then you need to spend your time to recheck all the transactions daily. This is boring. If your sales are less than 3 daily, then it is still manageable. Wait until it becomes 30 daily. Then you will start take things for granted. You need more time to do unnecessary things which it can be solved by system automations.



We explained how to make create an app build like lazada know development cost.If your aim is to start-up and build the next chart buster to make mobile app like Lazada, then Contact us today. Hire us for your dream on mobile app development now, by choosing us as your technology partner

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