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Tim Hortons has caught up to technology it promised 3-years ago and officially launched its mobile order and pay option. Available on iOS and Android, Tim Hortons now allows the millions of loyal patrons to order and pay for their beverage, baked good and meal ahead of time and skip the line. Or, for those inclined to enjoy the surrounding of Tim Hortons, you can select the ‘dine in’ button. Those interested can download the new Tim Hortons app and peruse through its menu items from coffee, teas, cold drinks, sandwiches, donuts, danishes, croissants, and save favourites for quicker ordering. You’ll need to login using Facebook, Google or your email.


In addition, since it’s a staggered rollout, the app will brings up nearby locations that support the mobile order and pay option. To enable payments, you simply add in your credit card (or your TimsCard) and you’ll receive receipts with a detailed history. In addition, payments are completed in-app (Apple Pay but not Android Pay). Tim Hortons also notes that you can “enjoy the deliciousness of Tim Hortons just the way you like it with targeted offers and promotions catered to your needs.” The Android version runs OS 5.0 and up, while iOS requires iOS 9.2 or higher.

We know that make an app like Tim Hortons with single hand is not an easy task. For this we need proper team work not only team but an expert team. For this project we, Future Work Technologies always ready for your dream Android and iOS mobile app. If you want to know what the requirements are for make an app like Tim Hortons you should read this article.

4 Features to Consider for Food Ordering App Development like Tim Hortons

Ordering and re-ordering

The basic function of any uber for food delivery app is helping ordering food online. That’s not it. Ordering should be convenient and fast.

Tim Hortons app has brought an innovative way for the customers to get their Timmy’s without ant hassle of actually going to the restaurant. The app has a simple ordering feature to avoid confusion while ordering.

The users just need to select the items from an easy-scrolling menu and pre-order anything they wish for. The app also displays the nearest participating restaurants according to the user’s location. They can choose their preferred pick-up and drop locations. They also get maps and directions.

re-order tim hortons app

If the user wants to order something again, they don’t have to go through the entire food ordering system process, they can easily just reorder the previous item with the Reorder feature.

Are you noting this down? Make ordering and reordering convenient for your food ordering app development.

Tims rewards

This feature is also a smart business tactic. Tim Hortons reward program is a coffee loyalty program for regular customers.

They offer a coffee, tea or selected baked goods after seven purchases made at least 30 minutes apart by a customer. Customers get a free rewards card and can track their purchases through the Tim Hortons mobile app. They keep adding new special offers.

Tims Rewards is basically the digital version of the customer’s loyalty card. It has become easier for them to earn rewards and this has increased customer retention.

tim hortons rewards

Even you may include a feature of reward points for your own Uber-like app that delivers food.

Customize and favourites

Running a restaurant is chaotic. You can’t afford to lose customers because of trivial things like not getting the order right. People prefer different amounts of sugar, milk in their coffee. In fact, they would love to customize their orders.

The Tim Hortons app provides users with the feature to customize their orders. This feature allows them to get an order just the way they like it. Customized orders are saved in their menu. These customers also receive targeted offers just for them.

Who wouldn’t prefer that?

Another feature is personalizing the menu and making a list of favorites so that the users can easily order the items they eat frequently.

You might wanna convey this feature to the restaurant app developers during food ordering app development.

Payment integration

This feature helps to save the time of customers as they can pay directly from the app. In fact, Tim Hortons promotes the Tim Hortons app as an ‘order and pay’ app.

After the payment is done, the u  sers can choose their pick-up method: take out, dine-in or drive-thru. This way there is no confusion during payment.

When you plan for an online food ordering system for your restaurant, make sure there are the most popular payment gateways integrated into your app.

Also, make sure that the transactions are secure and fast.

customize tim hortons

Mobile Order & Pay

Select and customize your favorite food and drinks, choose your preferred Tim Hortons location, and pay from the app. It’s now that easy to order your favorite Tim Hortons items from your phone.

Personalized Menu

Add recently ordered items with one tap. Customized orders are saved on your menu so you can get your order just the way you like it.

Tims™ Rewards

After just seven eligible purchases, receive your choice of a FREE coffee, tea or baked good. Keep checking for more special offers to come. It’s time to reward your routine!

Scan for Tims™ Rewards

A digital version of your loyalty card that you can scan easily when ordering in the restaurant – never miss an opportunity to earn rewards.

Scan to Pay

Save time and pay for your order right from the app — no need to carry cash or a credit card!

Take Out, Dine In or Drive Thru

Choose your pick-up method. Payment is completed in-app, so you can grab your order to go, or dine in with us. Your choice.

How much does it cost to make an app like Tim Hortons?

Just like most things in life, you get what you pay for. You can’t expect to build an amazing app for just a few dollars. But at the same time, spending a ton doesn’t automatically translate to success.

You’ve got to take quite a bit into consideration when you’re looking at different price tiers for app development.

Here are a few of the main factors that affect the cost:

  • who builds your app
  • how your app gets built
  • what you need your app to do

Each of these points will impact how much you’re going to pay.

We take your business to the high levels with the help of an exceedingly engaging and successful Android and iOS mobile application development.

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