Disrupting Google

How Google’s Numerous Product Lines Present a Huge Opportunity for New Startups


In this white paper you’ll discover:

How Google’s Business Model has Opened the Door for Innovative App Creators in 5 profit-rich Areas

Google is the third-largest tech company on earth, with massive profits ($66 billion in 2014) and over 150 product and service lines. But how easy is it to do 150 things at once – and do them all well? With advertising as the mainstay of its revenue model, Google is vulnerable to disruptive apps that can plug its market gaps.

This Whitepaper looks at the opportunities available to entrepreneurs who can find ways to take over market areas that Google is leaving open.

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Inside you’ll discover Market Areas that are up for grabs…

Search: Discover the 11 key industries spending up big on advertising and the new ways mobile apps are taking over traditional search engine tasks. See how Adzuna expanded its revenue model – by narrowing its focus. Meet the disruptive search engine that’s found a clever way to cut into Google’s income stream.

Advertising: Discover which segment of digital advertising spent $10 billion in 2014, and which ad-free monetization strategy is used by the Wall Street Journal and NY Times. Find out how traditional ads and native advertising compare for click rates. Success story: the startup that expanded its user base to 200 million – by being anti-advertising.

Location: Uncover the biggest expansion areas in this $30 billion niche, and find out how sensors, iBeacons, magnetic fields and indoor location mapping are changing the app world. The skyrocketing growth of wearables in 2014 – what it means for location-focused apps. Meet 5 startups crashing through the mobile mapping market this year – and discover how they’re winning.

Email: why it’s not going away any time soon (2.8 billion users by the end of 2018) and why automation, privacy and speed are the key disruption points for app builders. Find out howConfide created ‘mission possible’ with messaging that self-destructs and how the current email players stack up against each other for market share.

YouTube: Explore the YouTube dilemma: a huge user base but disappointing monetization. Media streaming services – the future is here, but in which specialist niche? 5 success stories: the bold startups attacking media services with a vengeance. Buy low, sell high – how Netflix and Hulu are taking full advantage of foreign media markets.

Google is everywhere: operating systems, analytics, mobile, social media, advertising and more. It enjoys a virtual monopoly on Search – an 89% market share compared to Bing (3%) and Yahoo (3%). And its reliance on advertising for revenue generation means it can provide many of its products and services for free.

So how can clever entrepreneurs with new approaches and focused niches tackle Google’s market dominance? Download our white paper now to find out more about disrupting Google!