How Mobile and FinTech Startups can Disrupt the Financial Services Industry

How Mobile and FinTech Startups can Disrupt the Financial Services Industry


8 financial services niches primed for app innovation and disruption in 2015-2016

VC Investment in Financial Technology tripled to over $12 billion between 2013 and 2014 – what will 2015-2016 bring? This Whitepaper looks at the crucial information you need to tap into some of the most high-profit opportunities in the financial services sector.

New FinTech ventures have never been in a better position to shake up this industry – but each niche has its own unique set of challenges. If you’re looking to become a part of this digital revolution and create an app in Financial Technology, you need to fully understand the playing field and how these opportunities stack up against each other….

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Insurance offers a trillion-dollar opportunity for innovators who can find new ways to boost trust, spark engagement and improve customer satisfaction. Exploring the cost structure of a typical property/casual insurance company and why one of the world’s largest and most lucrative markets is still lagging behind in technological advancements, making it a prime target for innovation

Peer-to-peer lending: The consumer loans market has its share of problems: slow application processes, lack of access, poor transparency, etc. So FinTech startups in the P2P loans market need to find fresh ways to boost service and keep things simple. Learn why governments are actively supporting P2P lending startups (especially since the 2008 global financial crisis) and how to tap into the $230 trillion global debt market by choosing a specific P2P niche that’s begging to be disrupted

Financial planning and budgeting apps: Consumers want personal finance to be intuitive, convenient and operate across a variety of platforms – and they’re not always getting what they want. That’s why there is such a huge market for personal finance apps: they solve real problems. Discover the three major obstacles you need to overcome to succeed in this competitive field and key ideas for monetizing a personal finance app – and hanging on to your existing users.

Investing and wealth management: Within the next 5 years, automated investment advisors will manage over $250 million in funds. Discover Quantopian’s ‘secret recipe’ for disrupting the entire hedge fund industry and how data-driven startups are driving new business models through operational efficiency – and disrupting Wall Street along the way

Equity financing: For the very first time, crowdfunding is projected to surpass VC as a funding source in 2016. Discover exactly why crowdfunding is enjoying such an incredible growth spurt and where those crowdfunding dollars are going: a breakdown of total crowdfunding volume (lending vs. equity vs. donation, etc.)

Payments: Total mobile payments worldwide are expected to reach over $720 billion USD by 2017, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s ample room for disruption in credit card payment systems, international transactions and other niches too. Find out what innovative startups like TransferWise, Coin, Stripe and iZettle are doing to muscle in on the competitive payments arena and why this is such a red-hot market now – but can be tricky to break into

Currency: Discover the fastest growing areas of FinTech startup investment in 2015 – and where Bitcoin ranked compared to lending, health insurance, crowdfunding and banking (you may be in for a shock!). Learn more about the disruptive potential of cryptocurrencies and their role in moving consumers toward fully automated financial transactions and also the main challenges facing cryptocurrency startups in the current decade.

The finance sector is providing abundant opportunities for disruptive app startups to make their mark and shake up entire industries. Download our white paper to find out more!