Disrupting Healthcare Industry

How Your HealthTech Startup Can Disrupt the Problem-ridden Trillion-dollar Market

If you are working on a health tech startup this is the white paper to read:

While established healthcare models struggle to meet the needs of a changing world, tech companies and startups are finding innovative ways to disrupt the industry, often from the outside.

This Whitepaper explains why the potential for disruption is virtually limitless in healthcare and looks at the ‘pain points’ that matter most. It outlines how to tap into the exponential growth in fitness, nutrition and wellness apps, bio-sensing, healthcare consumer engagement, telemedicine and much more.

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Inside you’ll learn…

Patient-centric devices and wearables: The meteoric rise of wearable tech – from 21 million units in 2014 to 150 million units in 2019. Explore the target market for health tech wearables – who is paying, and how much?

‘Smart Clothing’ – a niche predicted to grow from almost zero (in 2014) to 26 million items in 2016.

Untapped potential: tech disruption prospects in intelligent jewellery, fitness-trackers, eyewear, smart watches and specialty headsets.

Health and fitness Apps: Tapping into an exploding market – we break down the demographics and fastest growing health app niches.

Fitness apps: unbelievable growth, massive market share and no end in sight for new products.

When ‘uncomplicated’ works: the simple diet and fitness tracker that recently sold for $375 million.

Bringing people together – how talkspace and coach.me seamlessly connect users with coaches and therapists.

Medical apps: Defining the Medical Mobile App (MMA) – a quick guide to the 3 main FDA healthcare app categories.

Pieces of the pie – how the US healthcare budget is currently being spent.

Disruption potential – how demand for remote patient monitoring, big data, robotics and wearables is soaring.

Shocking statistics: the percentage of healthcare organizations behind on their digital healthcare strategy – or with none at all.

Innovation possibilities in healthcare tech include robotics, 3D printing, cloud-based EHR (electronic health records), doctor-patient interaction via mobile/video chat, wearable health-tracking devices – and the list goes on. Where are the biggest opportunities? Where is the bulk of VC funding going?

Niche health apps: Specialization rules – uncovering 24 promising healthcare app categories defined by common conditions.

The 5 under-served markets: nicotine addiction, mental health, diabetes, weight control and stress. Discover the disruptive diabetes management system that has already scored $11.5 million in funding.

Respond Well – how this innovative rehab platform is tackling post-surgery and post-release recovery.

Eldercare: Our aging population – a pressure-cooker healthcare issue that’s not being addressed.

Discover 6 reasons why home care is the next billion dollar opportunity and why non-medical care-giving is a rapidly growing job sector that’s ripe for disruption.

The numbers don’t lie: why the aged care market keeps getting bigger every year.

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