How To Build A User Acquisition Machine

A fool-proof plan for getting your first 10,000 downloads


According to recent studies, it’s estimated that as many as 99% of start-ups fail. The reason?

In this white paper, you will discover:

How to set-up and perfect your ‘USER ACQUISITION’ system so that hungry customers come flocking to your app fast. (99% of start-ups fail to implement this crucial concept properly. Don’t make the same mistake!).

The 3 STAGES OF A SUCCESSFUL START-UP and why you absolutely must follow them. (Ignore these three crucial steps and your start-up won’t stand a chance of succeeding).

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There are more:

How to find the BEST SOLUTION to fit your MARKET’s #1 problem. (Henry Ford once said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. We reveal how to determine exactly what your MARKET wants, and then give them something better).

The TOP 5 QUESTIONS you need to ask your potential market. (Before you INVEST heavily in any idea, you must first determine whether your solution is the right answer to your market’s most pressing problem. Ask these 5 simple questions, and you’ll have the answer).

7 quick and easy ways to REACH POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. (Any start-up needs to be able to find customers quickly, painlessly, and affordably. We reveal 7 simple ways to do it, and do it fast).

FACT: Before you scale up your app idea, you need to know whether it’s profitable. (Here you’ll be shown 3 simple steps for identifying whether you have a repeatable, scalable sales model).

Need lots of capital to promote your app, right? WRONG! We reveal 17 ways to market your app on a budget. (Noah Kagan scaled Mint to over a million users in 6 months and Appsumo to 500,000 in 1 year. So if you’d rather not splash the cash right away on MARKETING, you don’t have to).

The 5-PART MARKETING FUNNEL every start-up needs to know. (In order to grow your idea into a successful and profitable business, you must first understand how to convert casual website visitors into revenue. We show you a proven 5-part system for doing exactly that).

The “GROWTH HACKING MODEL” explained. (A new and controversial discipline, Growth Hacking can lead to rapid and spectacular results in user acquisition and growth. We reveal 12 examples of massively successful Growth Hacks – how they did it, and how you can do it too) .

How to create a killer CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY guaranteed to build and convert traffic. (If you want to attract customers, you need to produce great content. We reveal a proven strategy for attracting and converting prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers).

A low-cost, 6-step process for PITCHING YOUR APP to the press. (Good PR can be hugely beneficial to any start-up. We reveal a simple system for getting great PR on a budget).

How to set-up an EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN that converts more visitors into customers. (When someone visits your site and leaves, the chances are they’ll never come back. By capturing their email, you can reach out to them until they convert. Here are 3 proven email MARKETING campaigns the Pros use to do it).

PLUS! We show you how to create a “VIRAL LOOP” that will supercharge your user acquisition rates. (Everyone wants their product to go viral because it’s the quickest route to worldwide success and bumper profits. Here are 4 key steps for building a viral loop and exploding your profit-potential).