Habitual Dependence™

How to build an Addictive App


Did you know that approximately 90% of all downloaded apps are used only once or deleted altogether?

How to build ‘HABITUAL DEPENDENCE’ into any app, which will keep your users engaged and desperate for more. (9 out of every 10 apps fail to implement this crucial concept properly. Don’t make the same mistake!).

The little-known industry secrets for arming your app with VIRAL potential. (Appster has developed numerous multi-million dollar start-ups and built dozens of top 100 apps. We reveal the proven techniques that will give you the best possible chance of joining them).

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Attracting new users is the key to your success, right? WRONG! In fact, you are TWICE as likely to close a sale with a lost customer as you are with a new prospect. We reveal the 1 retention strategy you need to know above all others. Plus, a quick and easy way to calculate your retention rates.

8 KEY START-UP METRICS you absolutely must know if your business is to survive beyond a year. Includes how to work out your Customer Acquisition Cost (a high CAC is the #1 start-up killer), the lifetime value of each customer, your referral rate, and much more!

The simple “HOOKED MODEL” technique and how to use it to create a habit-forming and powerfully addictive product, allowing you to supercharge your retention rates in a flash. (This is a tried, tested and proven technique for retaining users. If you don’t know it, your app will be fighting an uphill battle from the start).

9 simple steps to building AWARD-WINNING LEVELS of customer support. (If you want to retain users, drive more sales and increase your profits, your customer service is key. We show you how to create a top-class customer experience so you can retain and monetize more of your users).

8 tips for BUILDING A COMMUNITY of loyal customers who will promote your start-up for you. (The concept of ‘community building’ is vital to the success of any app, because studies show that people who feel like they belong to something generally stay longer and INVEST more. When you know these powerful tips, you’ll barely have to spend any money on marketing at all!).

8 ‘ONBOARDING’ STRATEGIES guaranteed to speed up your customers’ journey towards your app’s critical ‘AHA!’ moment. (The quicker a first-time user reaches the ‘AHA!’ moment, the faster you can engage them and turn them into a long-term, repeat customer. Discover the onboarding strategies proven to do it).

4 ways to add “GAME MECHANICS” to your app to increase engagement, create deeper customer loyalty and drive more sales. (PLUS, we reveal 8 massively successful start-up apps that use ‘game mechanics’ to engage and retain more of their users – and how you can do it too)

6 simple ways to use EMAIL MARKETING to bring back as many as 20% of your inactive users. (Achieving the same results through the acquisition of new customers would require a significant increase in your advertising spend. Follow these strategies and it won’t cost you a single penny).

4 crucial elements proven to motivate HABIT-FORMING BEHAVIOUR, and how you can apply these to your own product. (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all built around these 4 habit-forming pillars. And once you know what they are, you’ll be so much closer to creating a scarily addictive app of your own).

PLUS! We reveal 6 of the world’s most successful ‘habit-forming’ products, what makes them so addictive, and how you can easily copy this blueprint to dramatically increase your own chances of success!.