Characteristics of High Growth Startups

The common characteristics of high-growth start-ups


Start-ups are unlike any other newly-formed business. We reveal the 6 key features of internet and mobile start-ups – so you can copy them.

The 1 KEY NUMBER every startup should know. (This number is the true measure of a start-up, and if you don’t know it, you have no chance of tracking your progress. We reveal what it is, and 2 simple ways to get it).

A great idea is the key to a high-growth start-up right? WRONG! (We reveal the real secrets to rapid growth – and why the ‘idea’ means absolutely NOTHING).

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You will also learn:

The 9 MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENTS of a successful start-up. (If you want to achieve high-growth, you need to start by building the right foundations. Here are 9 key things you need to consider to ensure yours is rock-solid).

The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR that determines how much MONEY you can raise, how many employees you can support, and how fast you can grow. (With every high-growth start-up, this number is BIG. If yours is small, you’d better have a rethink, because you’re set for a struggle).

What “CROSSING THE CHASM” means, and why it’s absolutely vital to your success. (Facebook, Dropbox, iPhone, Twitter, AirBnB and many more billion dollar start-ups all ‘crossed the chasm’. We reveal what it is, and why it’s the most effective route to high-growth and long-term success).