How to Raise Capital for my App

Proven ways to fund your startup


Here’s what we’ve learnt during 100 projects and over $5m in capital raising by clients in seed round, condensed into a special research report.

The 3 PRINCIPAL SOURCES OF FUNDING every start-up needs to know. (Is Bootstrapping, Equity FUNDING or Debt Financing the right fit for you? We reveal what they are, how to choose the right one, and how to go out there and get it).

4 quick and easy ways to RAISE CAPITAL as a Bootstrapping Start-up. (If you’d rather retain total control over your business and product, ‘Bootstrapping’ is the way to go. Here are 4 WAYS TO RAISE MONEY without resorting to outside funding. PLUS… 10 BOOTSTRAPPING TIPSyou absolutely need to know).

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You will also learn:

HOW MUCH MONEY should you try to raise, and how long does it need to last? (Most start-ups make the mistake of raising too little MONEY, or even too much! Thanks to How to Fund Your Start-Up, you won’t make the same mistake. PLUS… We reveal 5 critical fundraising guidelines you must always stick to).

The truth about CROWDFUNDING! (Instead of asking a few people for a large sum of money, crowdfunding asks lots of people for a small sum of money, utilizing the power and global reach of the online community.

The awesome power of START-UP ACCELERATORS, why you should join, and how to choose the right one for you. (Used by the likes of Dropbox, AirBnB, Reddit and Disquis, Start-Up Accelerators offer mentorship, advice and practical training on technical, business and fundraising issues. Find out how to fast-track your app from conception to launch in as little 3 months).

10 tips for choosing the right ANGEL INVESTOR, plus the types you need to avoid at all costs. (Angel Investors are wealthy individuals keen to INVEST in start-ups. They can be a priceless source of knowledge and experience, or a noose around your neck. We reveal what to look out for to ensure you find the perfect match).

The “START-UP FUNDING LIFECYCLE” explained. (From raising capital via family and friends to reaching the heady heights of a public offering, we show you how to go from concept to IPO in 7 simple steps).

3 QUICK & EASY WAYS to meet potential investors. (Locating and contacting suitable investors is notoriously difficult. We show you 3 simple tactics for getting your foot in the door.PLUS… 3 things you absolutely must do before the meeting starts. Get this wrong and you’ll be back out the door before you know it!).

The 6-step process for preparing the PERFECT PITCH. (If you want to secure the FUNDING you need, your presentation needs to have the X-Factor. We show you how to prepare the perfect investor pitch guaranteed to wow your audience).

The secret to creating an attention-grabbing 30-second “ELEVATOR PITCH”. (When pitching your idea, you won’t have much time. So you need to boil your idea and product down to the bare essentials to get your USP across fast. This proven template will allow you to create the perfect Elevator Pitch in less than 2 minutes).

PLUS! How to create a professional “PITCH DECK” in 10 easy steps. (A Pitch Deck provides a quick-fire way of communicating your business plan to investors. This 10-point plan will help you create the perfect Pitch Deck with ease – dramatically increasing your chances of impressing investors and securing FUNDING).