How Much Does an App Cost?

The economics of developing an app and taking it to the market


How much does an App cost to develop? After analysing hundreds of projects and researching the development costs of famous apps like Angry Birds or Instgram you’ll gain insight into what you should pay for development.

The REAL COSTS of developing an app and taking it to market. (We reveal the 4 kinds of development options available to you, how much you can expect to pay for each, and how long they will take. If you’re thinking of creating an app, this is information you literally cannot afford to be without).

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The 11 MOST POPULAR APP FEATURES and what developers charge. (Do you want your app to include social integration, a rating system or a custom icon design, but don’t know how much each one will cost? We’ve got the answers!).

WEB APPS vs NATIVE, and which one is right for you. (We put the features, cost, visibility and user experience of both under the microscope. PLUS… we reveal the average cost of a web app).

The 4 MAIN HIRING OPTIONS when developing an app. (Hiring the right developer or developer shop is absolutely crucial to the success and profitability of your app. Get it right, and you could be onto a winner. Get it wrong, and you could end up wasting thousands of dollars you’ll never get back).

The 1 thing you should NEVER say to an app developer, and why. (Developers hear this all the time, and if you make this same common mistake, they won’t be able to run away from you fast enough!).

The costs of building a NEW TWITTER, WHATSAPP OR INSTAGRAM. (We analysed the costs involved in creating 6 of the world’s most successful startups. The results will shock you).

The 15-POINT CHECKLIST you must always use when hiring a developer or developer shop. (Whether you’re planning on hiring an individual or a company, follow these 15 insider tips and you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for you).

How to choose the right OPERATING SYSTEM for your app. (We explore the 3 options available to you, and the Pros and Cons of each).

THE IMPORTANCE OF DESIGN and 1 simple reason why it should never be underestimated. (We reveal the biggest design myth going and why following it could spell disaster for your app. PLUS… discover the #1 design feature that the most popular and successful apps all have in common. And it’s NOT what you think!).

What’s more important: VISUAL OR UX DESIGN? (We tell you which one you need, as well as the 6 core UX designer competencies to look out for when hiring a UX designer).

6 REASONS WHY MARKETING MATTERS. (Effective marketing is often the difference between “top earners” and the rest. Here we show you 6 of the best reasons why, plus 5 simple steps you absolutely must take when marketing your app).

The 7 STANDARD STARTUP COSTS you need to know. (If you’re a startup, it’s crucial that you know exactly what costs to expect upfront, or you could be hit with a nasty surprise. We reveal the top 7 start-up costs, and what you can expect to pay for each).

PLUS! Work out your annual costs with our 12 MONTH EXPENSES example for a Bootstrapped App! (If you’re a serious startup, the chances are you’ll want to raise money to fund your app. We reveal the typical month-by-month costs to expect for development, design, marketing, office and support in your first year).