Viral Growth of Fastest Growing Startups

How successful startups achieved their growth and what are the vital elements you can implement yourself


What does this white paper include?

Dissecting the world’s fastest-growing startups: In this special report, we share little-known industry secrets that propelled companies like Twitter, Snapchat, Uber and more into viral growth – super-charged elements you can easily implement into your own app.

‘Going viral’ doesn’t happen by accident – and the paths taken by these #1 app startups to fuel viral growth were often quite different from their original concepts.

Discover the innovative, game-changing techniques used by over a dozen of the world’s fastest-growing apps to catapult their products to unparalleled scale.

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Discover how a small San Francisco service company parlayed FREE word-of-mouth marketing into a $41 BILLION disruptive business that now operates in 54 countries. And why solving massive customer pain and building a simple referral system gave them a huge ‘unfair advantage’!

The ONE-WORD MINDSET CHANGE (clue – it starts with an E!) that took YouTube from a small-scale dating application to the most powerful video-hosting platform on the planet. The game-changing pivot that almost didn’t happen at all, but when implemented, allowed YouTube to conquer the video world.

An insider look at the world of ‘PIGGYBACKING’ – and how it transformed several struggling startups into some of the best known app brands in the world. How to commandeer the profile and user base of larger companies to create a unique relationship that sends user numbers through the roof!How a digital marketer and part-time comic with a humdrum, everyday product decided to spend $4200 on an EXTREMELY ENGAGING VIDEO. The result? Tens of millions of views, 12,000 orders within a day of release and a growing army of happy subscribers – all for a product that many of us already use every day

The cool online tools that companies like Hubspot and Moz gave away FOR NOTHING to their users to generate serious and sustainable buzz. And how this simple technique can be used by virtually any app creator to ramp up engagement, increase content sharing and leapfrog your app into virality.

Learn the POWERFUL SECRETS used by the fastest-growing iPhone game in history to reach 30 million users and successfully complete a $26 million funding round. Spotting a gap in the market, this app cranked up user addiction by improving upon an existing game and adding extra engagement – too easy!

EXPLAINER VIDEO SUCCESS: How Dropbox burst through the customer hesitation barrier and completely turned their business around – by using the simplest method you can imagine! PLUS – 3 other clever techniques they employed to boost their referral rate and go viral.

100 MILLION USERS and a $1 billion valuation – yet this company never spent a single dollar on marketing! Discover how excellent timing, an amazing User Experience, superb benefits and a focus on referral perks helped a quality product fan the flames of virality – without any need for traditional marketing whatsoever.

HUSTLE IS EVERYTHING: Meet the unassuming startup that was rejected by numerous investors (even the ones they ended up with had serious doubts!) – and then became a $10 billion company in 6 years. Learn the spectacularly successful ‘growth hack’ that helped them completely disrupt the hospitality industry.

CC ADDICTION! We break down the phenomenal success of Candy Crush Saga. The world is full of app games, so what elements make this one so incredibly addictive and widespread? We share some of the secrets behind the astounding growth of a game that attracted a user expenditure of $1.3 billion in 2014 alone!

PLUS – We carefully examine the viral elements of 14 ultra-successful app startups and outline the EXACT PROCESSES they used to take over the app world. This Whitepaper will give you a real-world glimpse into the realms of elite app startup success – and may just give you some amazing ideas for your own app!