Founder’s Productivity Blueprint

Discover amazing qualities and attributes shared by virtually all successful people, and so much more


In this white paper you will…

Discover amazing qualities and attributes shared by virtually all successful people, like how to stay motivated and driven, exercises to improve brainpower, memory, and focus, how to develop great habits and drop bad ones, and incredible techniques to be more disciplined, capable, and extremely talented

Read inspirational quotes, astonishingly clear infographics, proven advice and guidance from veteran college professors, billionaire entrepreneurs, top CEO’s, and numerous studies on maximizing productivity and achieving lifelong success

Learn which lifestyle generates maximum achievement—including health, nutrition, vitamins, sleep habits, increased willpower, pros and cons of coffee and stimulants, time management skills, numerous task management techniques, how to motivate and incentivize employees, and so much more!

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More of what you’ll find in this lif-changing Whitepaper

Why motivation is NOT the core success ingredient everyone believes, and relying on it can actually be severely destructive. Learn why bursts of inspiration tend to fade away and die, and the secret to deep genuine lifelong passion.

Valuable real-world advice from billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Why “following your passion” is a bunch of bunk, and the real elements and principles to attain explosive unhindered success. Tips and techniques to have intense, lasting motivation and drive, even during slumps, dry spells, and times of enormous stress.

The one quality that can predict future success in children with startling accuracy, based on well-documented experiments (hint: it’s not talent, IQ, or hard work). Learn the two shocking attributes shared by hundreds of renowned geniuses, from Leonardo da Vinci to Mozart to Charles Darwin to Albert Einstein.

The amazing 3 step formula developed by a Professor in Stanford to transform a “fixed” mindset that believes that you’re forever stuck with inborn talent, into a “growth” mindset constantly looking to improve and grow, be smarter, more capable, boost talent and achieve unparalleled success.

Why—contrary to popular belief—relying on willpower to stay disciplined is not only detrimental, it’s a risky gamble. Discover why just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions, and how you can be one of them. Plus, learn the only three things on the planet that can lead to long-term behavioral change.

Why the conventional wisdom on multitasking is all wrong. According to the latest research, multitasking is ineffective, inefficient and MORE time-consuming than focusing on one thing at a time! Learn the shocking percentage of time most people are distracted, disoriented, and NOT focused, and how it affects mood, satisfaction, and happiness.

Learn the simple brain exercise that’s equivalent to weight lifting, and actually makes measurable, quantifiable neuroimagery changes in your gray matter density, in parts of the brain associated with willpower, focus, memory and stress. How to use technology and apps to focus better, remove distractions, break bad habits, fight cravings, and even form good habits to accomplish your goals.
How to NOT be distracted and overwhelmed by social media, notifications, youtube, a messy desk, useless chit-chat, advertising, meaningless news, and more.

The 3 core ingredients that increase productivity of top executives to a whopping 500%, help military snipers learn up to 5 times faster, and boosts creativity 700%. Plus, three critical factors to dramatically improve your stamina and energy.

Health and nutrition: Sugars vs. fats. Carbs vs. proteins. Erratic spikes of energy vs. consistent, smoother flow. How to chart circadian rhythm, sleep pattern, and biorhythm to customize your schedule for optimal sleep habits and functionality. Which vitamins and supplements are effective, which are a waste? Trick to get yourself from zero to sixty push-ups without frustration or burnout. Why coffee makes you LESS productive. Learn how sugar sensitivity, vitamin and micronutrient deficiency can hamper entrepreneurial success.

The CORRECT formula for implementing the 80/20 rule. Proven slam-dunk method to determine which 20% to focus on, and which 80% to eliminate, outsource or delegate.
Surprising technique (named after a tomato!) created by a renowned developer to maximize focus for shorter periods, meet deadlines, deal with constantly-refilling inboxes, lengthen your attention span, and sharpen and hone your concentration, processing, and analysis skills.

5 insanely popular methods to prioritize and do effective task management, get through your entire to-do list, including special apps designed to apply these methods easily and non-invasively, to get results and be more productive and accomplish more than ever.

Why bonuses are ineffective at motivating

Why meetings and phone conferences are a bad thing

The benefits of autonomy and harmful effects of micromanaging

Much much more!

Sources you’ll learn from:

Warren Buffet

Mark Cuban

Steve Jobs



Stanford University

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Univesity studies




Many more!