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KIJIJI Classified

Kijiji is an online classified platform that is organized by city and urban region. It is a local advertisement platform that allows Canadians to find work, exchange goods and services, and build their businesses locally.
Kijiji was originally launched as “a start-up within eBay created by a small team of entrepreneurial employees”, according to eBay’s March 2005 press release announcing the new service. Now the question arises

How is Kijiji getting popular?

Marketing Spending

These online classified advertisement platforms have changed the shopping behavior of customers.
Mostly users create their accounts to list their products and services for selling and renting ranging from old to new and even for posting job vacancies. This is one such all-in-one website that allows users to sit in the comfort of their houses and trade. Apart from these reasons, websites like Kijiji are efficiently grabbing their user’s attention due to the easy and reliable payment option.

Some Quick Facts about Kijiji:

  • We are the #1 classifieds site in Canada
  • We have over 16 million unique visitors per month*
  • 50% of Canadians who use the internet also use Kijiji
  • There are more than 6 million live ads on Kijiji at any given time
  • More than 2 new ads are posted on Kijiji every second

How Kijiji Works?

In order to place free ads Kijiji requires users to create a username and password. Once you complete this process you are ready to place ads and start making money.

When you place your ad, it starts on page 1 and when other users place similar ads on your page, your ad moves down the page and then eventually onto page 2 and continues to move to successive pages. You have probably guessed by now that page 1 is where you will get the most traffic and views so you will want to avoid the top 5 biggest mistakes sellers use on Kijiji!

  • Seller does not include a photo of their item with their ad
  • Seller provides a vague description or gives little information about the item for sale
  • Sellers Price is too high or too low
  • Sellers misrepresent an item for sale
  • Sometimes sellers list items for sale that are out of season

Always avoid these above mentioned mistakes to maintain your listing in page 1 from where you get the maximum traffic.

Not only this, Kijiji is also a free job posting site that can be used across Canada. Employers can post jobs in their province or city under the respective job industry. Employers can also include a description of the job and list details like hours, pay, etc

What is the business model of Kijiji? How does Kijiji generate its revenue stream?

The business model of Kijiji works on a two layer functioning. One is buyers and the second one is sellers.

The first layer i.e.; Buyers – you acquire lots of customers return to your platform, create free accounts and explore for their desired product and services.

On one layer, you acquire a lot of customers who come to your platform, create free accounts and search for their desired products and services.

In the second layer, sellers list their products and services on the platform at a very formal price. Moreover, to increase the visibility you can also charge an additional fee. There are commissions on net sales and advertising revenues.

There are 3 key sources of income:

  • Seller Account Listing Fees
  • Fees for Providing Increased Visibility
  • Advertising Revenues
  • Transaction fees for commission

Wandering about the popularity of classified platforms? Have a look at the following stats:

The cost for a classified mobile application development in Android, iOS, or cross – platform depends upon your requirements.

Tips for Selling your product and service on Kijiji:

Selling stuff on Kijiji

  • Nail Down your price
  • Tell people a story
  • Be upfront
  • Know your costs
  • Put your stuff in a right way
  • Stay smart stay safe

How Kijiji Keeps You Secure?

We have all kinds of ways to make your transaction as secure as possible and we encourage you to use them. Firstly, everyone who posts an ad has to register with Kijiji. We also mark the email addresses of almost all buyers and sellers (except job seekers or from businesses), so if you’d like to avoid possible scam texts or calls, consider removing your phone number from your ad. And keep using the marked address – don’t move onto another site if asked. Take advantage of the option to use PayPal on the Kijiji app for secure payment, if you choose. You may want to be careful using other payment or shipping services because scammers have been known to falsify their communications here.

It is always best to meet in person, in a well-lit public area, so you can inspect the item.

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