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Udacity is a stand for a technology and the well crafted collection of courses. Udacity’s data science program has a striking roster of teachers from companies like Salesforce and Facebook. To make create an app build like Udacity app allow you to pay monthly for your courses if you decide to drop a program before completing it, you pay for the course up to that point, rather than the whole thing. Future Work technologies is a global technology services company, specialized in mobile app and have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop successful e-learning apps with innovative features. Here will get the best idea on how to make create an app build like Udacity know development cost.


It is a modern online education provider. Udacity offers a university courses and vocational courses for professionals. To make create an app build like Udacity is to democratize education through the offering of world higher education opportunities that are easily reached, flexible, and inexpensive. Education is not a onetime occurrence it is lifetime knowledge. It should be less inactive listening and more active doing. Knowledge should sanction students to do well in life.


They present cutting edge courses built in company with foremost companies like Google, AT&T, and Facebook on everything from mastering web design to tech entrepreneurship. An Udacity community consists of dedicated digital platforms and as student or graduate of Udacity has the opportunity to engage with to help you further your personal and professional goals. The Udacity group of people is a source of growth, support, and pleasure for every student at every stage of their learning journey, starting from the day they first enters the Nanodegrees classroom to graduation and beyond.


To make create an app build like Udacity allow user to obtain course compiled by specialist instructors. The app allocates courses on social networks. It provides a search utility. Udacity offers paid and free courses on various topics related to computer science. It helps to make a strong portfolio and earn credentials that make you stand out. Join a vast group of people to learners and authorize yourself through education. Prepare yourself with Udacity for various jobs of today and the future.

HOW udacity WORKS pic

  • Go into the Udacity app.
  • Click setup, and then set your download options. These are universal settings and will always apply until and unless you change them.
  • Go to the syllabus view and select the lesson you wish to download.
  • There are many of option to request for download the lessons.
  • You’ll be automatically downloaded version of the lesson.
  • If you want to delete the lesson, just toss the download switch back off.

Udacity provide this to enable you to be successful on the go, and to align our materials to fit into your work and study needs. You learn everything or anything at anywhere at the cafe, on a train, in the library, on a plane, on the beach, at the pub, at the Laundromat or the club, in all these different places, we’ll know you by the look of learning on your faces.



To make create an app build like Udacity app is made of excellent content with best flexibility. The people gain valuable skills and experience and prepare you for your dream job. Through Udacity people should be able to learn wherever and whenever they want. Our aim is to make sure your mobile learning experience is always the best that it can be. Udacity app is mainly based on video. The connectivity, WiFi access, bandwidth, data these are all significant issue. Not everyone has great internet access all the time. Everybody cannot afford expensive data plans that allow for reliable streaming quality.

features of udacity pic

  • Improve skills and advance your career in data science, deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, android, iOS and much more.
  • The experts develop a lesson material from Facebook, Google, Amazon, and GitHub etc.
  • Discover more than 100 courses on design, computer science etc
  • Get a personal mentor to improve your skills.
  • Learn and test yourself with challenging quizzes and exercises.
  • Broadcast your sessions on bigger screens using chrome cast.
  • Continue the course from where you left off.
  • Manage your personal learning experience.
  • Through these app nanodegrees students can earn their credentials.
  • Download courses and contents without an internet connections.
  • Learn your lessons at your own time.


The growth of Massive Open Online Courses has increase to numerous startups like Udacity with a task to offer high quality education to students anywhere in the world. MOOCs came with its own set of problems like low course completion rates and monetization. In January 2012, they determined to launch Udacity in classify to democratize education and make it reasonable and easily reached. Its first two courses launched in February that year trained how to build search engines and program robotic cars.

To make create an app build like Udacity is offers a many courses in algebra, statistics, computer science, etc. It launches a three year online degree course on the MOOC stage . In June 2014, Udacity pivoted its approach to link the gap between real world skills, education, and employment using MOOCs. It collaborates with AT&T and Georgia Tech to begin a Nanodegrees plan, which is planned to train programming skills to qualify for an entry level position at AT&T. The course takes about a year to complete and costs $200 per month.

how to earns money from udacity pic

Udacity has experimented with numerous business models. It provide free description about the courses and invites students for their sponsor company to pay fees for nanodegrees. It collaborates with Cisco, Google and Facebook to develop its courses. To make create an app build like Udacity target customer to working in the field and looking to upgrade skills to win promotions or a better job.

The academic course had only a 2% achievement rate, the nanodegrees were a more successful venture with a completion rate of 60%. It has 4 million registered users and 11,000 paying students. The Udacity growth rate is 30% of every month. The annual revenue run rate is to be $24 million. Udacity has lifted a million of funding from investor Udacity plans to use the funds from this latest round to expand into China, the Middle East, and India where the demand for this kind of platform is very high.



So, here we explained how to make create an app build like Udacity know development cost if you are looking for iOS and Android mobile app developer or website development expert team for your dream app in iOS and Android or website then Get in touch with us

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