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What is is the biggest e-commerce site.  Established in 2005, is the leading e-commerce destination in the in the Middle East & North Africa region. To Create An App Like Souq is a UAE-based online mega store and e-commerce site, the largest in the Arab world that was recently acquired by e-commerce giant Amazon. began its operation in Egypt in 2010 leveraging a fast growing consumer market and high internet penetration. It currently has 650 employees and over 10,000 square meters of warehousing space. invites more than 30 million visits and 10 million unique visitors from the region to surf its catalogue of more than 500,000 unique products in 20 different categories, including consumer electronics, household goods, watches, perfumes, toys, and baby products. is visited by millions of customers on a daily basis.

Features of

1. Shipment Updates via Text

Souq offers free tracking on all orders, which is fantastic. But if you live in an apartment you’re tired of logging in and refreshing the status every few hours to see if your packages have been delivered yet. You can go to the Shipment Update Settings page and add as many phone numbers as you want. Whenever Souq detects a change in package status, updates are sent by text message. Message and data rates may apply.

Souq, which means marketplace in Arabic, started in 2005 and now sells over 400,000 products including electronics, clothes and household goods. It claims to have millions of customer visits every day. The deal had been supposed to reach $650 million, which would make the purchase Amazon’s largest since 2014.

E-commerce in the Middle East and North Africa, still a relatively small market, reached $8.2 billion in sales last year and is expected to jump over 230 percent to $27 billion by 2021. The researcher said was the leading seller in the region last year, hitting $1 billion in sales.

ceo of Souq is a leading e-commerce Web site in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). It offers a host of options for buyers and sellers to transact through an online secure environment to purchase just about everything, either from our online retail stores, or through the Marketplace. Offering 8.4 million products, Dubai-based is the largest online retailer in the Arab world, operating in English and Arabic. When it launched its first White Friday sale, modelled on the Black Friday event in the US and UK, the market was sceptical. According to Ronaldo Mouchawar, the chief executive and founder of, daily traffic during the sale was ten times its usual volume, with 1.2-million products sold in just four days.


By offering the largest online marketplace for buyers and sellers to interact in the Arab region, its furthering its commitment to develop the region’s e- commerce ecosystem and drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the Middle East. is offering a convenient, secure and cost effective platform for budding entrepreneurs and small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) to own a shop online versus having a physical presence in a mall.

About Souq

With a customer-base of over a million who are searching for the best product deals, provides an end-to-end e-commerce solution to sellers where they can setup an online store in less than sixty seconds and without any hassles of initial capital investment, legal work and technology/ physical infrastructure. provides easy-to use tools to build an online store and manage inventory; giving sellers control to operate their business/ store and gain immediate return on their investment. In addition, sellers benefit from a secured payment mode as well as logistic services to complete an online sale. has increased its presence since its launch in 2005 and now serves over 500,000 active buyers and sellers in the region. Furthermore, with a record figure of over 1.5 million visitors and 25 million page views every month, plans to increase its customer base across new markets that include Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


Dubai-based e-commerce giant officially announced that millions of Amazon products from the U.S. are now available on its UAE-based platform. The move follows Amazon’s acquisition of earlier this year for an estimated $650m. said that Amazon Global Store products would be offered to UAE customers on its app and website.

Amazon & Souq
Prices at checkout will include import fee deposits and delivery will take 2-5 business days for priority and six to 10 business days for expedited. In most cases, returns will be available for 30 days. Speaking to a local publication, Ronaldo Mouchawar, the CEO of, said the firm is currently focus on the UAE market but has plans to make the store available to customers in the GCC and Egypt. Amazon Global Store will allow customers in the UAE to shop on and Amazon simultaneously, in English or in Arabic, and pay for their purchases in local dirhams.


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2. Coupon Discounts

Souq has a coupons section where you can find discounts on all kinds of items: health, personal care, food and beverages, electronics, pet supplies, home goods, and more. Most of the coupons provide tremendous value.

3. Delivery and returns information

Delivery and returns information are key features of Souq. It is essential for every E commerce website and will help to build customer trust in your brand. Normally the delivery and returns information can be found at the footer on an online shop website. This information is particularly important for clothing retailers as that industry see a high volume of items returned.

4. Easy Navigation, Search Bar:

Souq website design should be user-friendly. Shoppers must be able to locate the product they want to buy in minimum number of clicks. A good website must have products listed in shopping categories, filters, and comparison capabilities etc.

5. Registration & Log In

Allowing user to register on Souq website has several advantages for user. For one, users do not need to repeatedly enter all relevant details, speeding up the checkout process. On the other hand, as a seller have access to contact information which you can use for promotional and marketing purposes.

6. Special offers and wish lists

To Create An App Like Souq provides a special offers as their standard marketing practices via email, social, text, etc. Also not using wish lists are equal to leaving revenue on the virtual desktop table. The customers should be able to bookmark items they want and will most likely buy in the future.

7. Advanced Payment Options

In the world of  PayPal, advanced payment options are a must-have feature for an e-commerce site. Just consider the ease of use associated with Souq one-click shopping. Shoppers with registered accounts can buy with the click of a button. There are many popular online payment options. The key is understanding who the buyer is and implementing the most effective solutions.

Benefits of

Both Individuals & Businesses can benefit from selling on, the biggest online retailer in the Middle East, is again changing its business model to take advantage of the rapidly evolving e-commerce market in the region.
• Start your business with NO costs
• Easily list your items by choosing from a large catalogue of products
• Put your products in front of 100’s of thousands of buyers
• Sell in over 20 categories from Electronics to Fashion to Home
• Shipping & Payment is handled by
• Receive money from sales conveniently in a safe & secure environment

Hires Us

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