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SoFi is an online finance company that provides student loan refinancing, mortgages and personal loans. SoFi offers some of the lowest interest rates and the best consumer experience in the market. We have research thousands of products from hundreds of companies and SoFi is one of our favorites. Future Work Technologies like to share some tips on SoFi along with some more ideas of how to make create an app build like SoFi know development cost.


SoFi now offers student loan consolidation and refinancing services, in addition to personal loans and mortgages. Before To make an app like SoFi, they specify the loans that they want consolidated or refinanced, SoFi pays them off, and then the borrower pays off their debt to SoFi. The goal behind consolidation and refinancing is to lower your monthly payments by qualify for a lower interest rate or by spreading out the payments over a longer period of time. Doing both of these things can save you money over the short term and in the long run.

sofi fixed and variable rates pic

SoFi offers both fixed rate and variable interest rate loans. The fixed rate loans start at 3.375% and have a maximum possible rate of 6.740%. Borrowers can sign up for 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 year repayment plans. The variable rate loans are presently as low as 2.355% to 6.280%.The interest rate is capped at 8.95% or 9.95% depending upon the loans. These rates are among the very finest on the market. SoFi, like most legit lenders, does not charge any application fee, origination fee, or prepayment penalties.


SoFi helps students refinance their loans at reduced rates compared to federal government provided as well as other private loan options. It offers loans at both variable and fixed rates. There are no application or origination fees, no prepayment penalties, with added advantages of career guidance and unemployment support. In terms of career guidance, it gets its customer students get mentored from coaches thereby building their career.

sofi student loans pic

Further in times of unemployment due to unexpected events, it may give relaxation on loan payments with an additional advantage of helping in the job search.

Reduced interest rates, career guidance, unemployment protection are all highly customer focused approaches and provide value to the customers thus enabling SoFi to ensure delivering customer satisfaction to its student customers.


In SoFi personal loan there is no origination fee, no prepayment penalty and no balance transfer fee. They are truly unique in this regard .You can borrow the money for 3, 5 or 7 years.

In addition, SoFi offers unemployment protection. They are not looking to make money from unemployment insurance. Instead, they are offering it as a feature and a brand promise. And the insurance is generous. If you lose your job through no fault of your own, you will be given a payment holiday. Interest will continue to accrue on the loan but no payment will be due and your loan will continue to be reported as current to the credit bureau. You can have 3 consecutive months of payments made at a time, and you can have up to 12 months of payments made during the life of the loan. That offers great flexibility. In addition, they offer job placement services to help you find a job.

sofi Personal loan pic

Fixed interest rates range from 5.49% to 14.24% – but you have to sign up for auto-pay in order to get these rates. In addition, SoFi offers variable interest rates from 5.19% – 11.34% with auto-pay. People can use the loans for any purpose: pay off credit card debt, home improvement, or anything else because the money can be deposited as cash in your checking account.


In the world of mortgage lenders, SoFi is looking to stand out by opening its lending doors to jumbo borrowers who earn high incomes but have little saved up for down payments.

sofi mortagages loans pic

This approach differs from traditional lenders that are hesitant about entering the jumbo lending arena. With stiff credit scoring criteria and strict debt-to-income ratios, other lenders are more apt to reject applicants than is SoFi, which will look closely at their disposable income as a more comprehensive way of approving them for a home loan.


SoFi breaks it down into a few steps: First, You will create a username and password and then fill out some basic identify information like education and employment status to see if you pre-qualify.

SoFi apply documents pic

After giving out your information, the site shows what loans you are eligible for and the terms. You can select a fixed rate or variable rate loan. The actual rates you are accessible will depend on SoFi’s analysis of your financial standing. Signing up for the automatic electronic withdrawals from your bank account will give you a discount of 0.25 percent off your rate. You have to upload supporting documentation, like your driver’s license and to complete your application, as well as choose a bank account to receive the money.The last step is signing the loan agreement.

What are the Advantages of a SoFi Loan?

Before to make an app like SoFi ,there are some advantages of SoFi loans to refinancing or getting a loan with them including:

  • Federal and private student loans can be refinanced together
  • If you qualify, the interest rates can’t be beat
  • The maximum personal loan amount ($100,000) of any online lender
  • Flexible terms
  • Loan endorsement to gets you a SoFi membership that offers networking, career counselling, unemployment insurance and an entrepreneur program
  • No private mortgage insurance required
  • Flexible debt-to-income limits
  • Application process takes 30 days or less


We explained how to make create an app build like SoFi Know development cost.If your aim is to start-up and build the next chart buster to make mobile app like SoFi, then Contact us today. Hire us for your dream on mobile app development now, by choosing us as your technology partner.


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