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Meitu Inc. is a Chinese technology company launched in 2008 and headquartered in Xiamen, Fujian .It makes smartphones and selfie apps. Meitu-Beauty Camera is a free to use image processing application that has got the various ways of personalizing the pictures using the multiple tools and effects like stickers, hand drawn photos and much more. If you want to know how to make create an app build like meitu know development cost Future Work Technologies is here, and give the whole information about it.


What is Meitu?

It is a free photo editing app for iOS and Android. It uses facial recognition with improved reality to combine your actual face with a sensible look. Meitu’s name means beautiful picture. It is supposed to give your selfies a hand-drawn look and is described as a one touch Photoshop for attractive your beauty. It gives you the look of an anime widened eyes, slimmer jaws, and all.


Meitu pic

How does Meitu work?

After downloading the Meitu app, you’ll be entering the hand-drawn skill that can convert your selfies into paintings. You choose also from an existing selfie from the album or take a new one with the camera. Using the camera border you can adjust beauty settings that will smooth out your look while also add filters, blur and vignette effects.

Meitu works picThe app becomes a little bit like Prisma, where you’ll be optimistic to sample different themes, like Angelic, Blossom and Mermaid. Like Prisma it takes a little while to download the effect and it is suitable to do it over WI-Fi Once you’ve select a filter you can save it or share to Facebook, Instagram.


Before to you want to how to make create an app build like meitu know development cost ,we need to know about the features of it. It is a free to use image processing application that has got the Several ways of personalizing the Images using the numerous tools and effects

meitu features pic


This information for those who want to turn the simple camera of their smartphone into a professional camera.Users will surely like the features being offered by this famous selfie and photo editing application. It is a mostly for those people who want to get the new touch up on their Pictures as used by the expert photographers. For the first time you will face some issues because the interface is little multifaceted and editing involves too many steps. Once you will be addicted to this application you will not face any difficulties at all.


Edit the photos with basic tools like auto-enhance, frames, stickers, text, blur, a magic beauty brush, and more.


Capture a photo with or without a vignette or even a blur effect enable and apply the given filters, whether that be youthful or sunlit or different other ones for selfie, or whatever. You will also observe buttons at the top that let you way in a timer, give yourself a face lift, or enabled a night mode.


main features of meitu pic


The Photoshop section of the app, where you can enhance your skin,find rid of acne and wrinkles,lean down your face, add highlights, remove dark circles, and even make yourself look taller.


The main quality in Meitu is to take a photo and from there you can select one of the beauty filters also available in the Camera screen. After, you can apply one of six effects that will change the shape of your face and eyes, as well as the coloring and effect of your photo, and even the texture of your hair. The end result is like an anime.


Let you grab several photos from your camera roll and arrange them in a collage. You can use one of the templates or create your own. There also features for decorate a collage.

Auto beauty

If you just want to quickly slim your face and firm your skin in a hurry, this option will let you do just that.


Why is everyone using Meitu?

In present time people have a fashion about the selfies even they become more conscious for their pictures. You will be impressed at how well it works.If You want to make an app like Meitu beauty camera then Besides, these there are a lot of people beloved Snapchat like lenses, it’s just cool to see yourself in a new light. Users of the Meitu app, particularly Android users, have noticed it asks for permission to access a terrible lot of data and areas of your phone. Meitu app also asks to admittance your phone number and location just to start up.


meitu uses pic

But it also wants access the view, adapt and delete contents of an Android phone USB storage, view network connections, adjust display and audio settings, rearrange running apps, manage vibrations and prevent the phone from going to sleep.You can release or immobilize permissions in the app, as it should not need all of them to be enable to work.


We Make It For You!

We make Apps. It’s what we do, really well. The Apps that look fantastic, and work beautifully. For iOS and Android. If You want to know how to make create an app build like meitu know development cost Please Contact us

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