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Before start, if you are planning to grow your restaurant business in your city or in your country then there is one option is online food delivery. Which you can do with the help of mobile app. On the other hand if you want to make an app like Foodonclick then this Article is for you.
Order your meal online! You can discover more than a thousand restaurants delivering to your home or office anyplace in Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Doha and Beirut! Find real menus and extraordinary offers from different restaurants that deliver to you, pick dishes and order on the website: Cash on delivery!
Make an app like Foodonclick

Burgers, Pizza, and sandwiches, Arabic, Indian Chinese, veggie lover and fascinating food for delivery in Qatar, UAE, Oman and Lebanon is the answer for you, simply get what you need for and arrange online from No more misconceptions on the telephone!

No Location Barrier for make an app like Foodonclick

Searching for Dubai food delivery or delivery eateries in Dubai? Website is quite recently the ideal place for you. We unite many delivery eateries in Dubai UAE to make your life simpler. How frequently did you have a go at calling conveyance eateries Dubai and hang on hold until the end of time? Presently the phone requesting period is finished! Order food in Dubai online from any most loved eatery close to your home or office. Try not to stress over misconception or obsolete eatery menu, will deal with it. Requesting through our gateway gives your chance to achieve 24 hour food delivery in Dubai right away. Simply pick your territory and peruse menus of all the accessible restaurants in Dubai immediately. Sustenance in Dubai is differing and you will have hard time picking your supper from time to time. Put in your request at the present time start exploring the taste with! Make an app like Foodonclick with Future Work Technologies.
Searching for Abu Dhabi food delivery eateries? is a definitive place. Our gateway records many Abu Dhabi conveyance eateries for you to have the capacity to submit your request online immediately. No compelling reason to attend to the line or clarify three times what correct nourishment from the conveyance menu you’d jump at the chance to have. We fundamentally set up together all Delivery food in Abu Dhabi in one place for you to pick, arrange and appreciate with no additional exertion! Food in Abu Dhabi is truly worth attempting, be it an Arabic delivery restaurant or and Indian take away, pizza place or burger cafe – and you can attempt them all with offering food delivery Abu Dhabi services whenever you require it. Check which restaurants deliver to your location now!
Foodonclick mobile app features:
1. Order is easy
2. They have a great deal of restaurants
3. Delivery is fast
4. Payments are accepted by Paypal,
5. Credit card and Apple Pay The platform is safe
6. The prices of the dishes are the same as in the restaurant.

Restaurant /Partner Panel Features

Manage Food Items: Vendors can include new food items. Effortlessly deal with the fixing points of interest and altering past one for any change.
Manage Payment: Option for the payment is COD or online both are exhibited oversees in client board with time by time gaining reports.
Manage Order: Provider proficiently handles any request detail and alters that if is any prerequisite by a client. Furthermore, and set upsets on deliveries status.
Manage Review: Provider Manage Customer thought and furthermore recognized a vital move made upon by the business management.
Add/Edit/Block: Restaurant Admin Add/Edit/Block Delivery Provider Status.
Order History: Restaurant Vendors Check Previous Complete Order Details.

Administrator Panel Features

• Sent Mass Notification: Admin sent Mass Notification for any News, Offers or Updates.
Manage Admin and Meal Provider: Add, Edit and Decline an administrator and Service supplier from the Admin Console.
Settings: Admin can arrange a framework like SMS, Installation and Email layout and so forth.
• Documents: Set Mandatory report for the delivery provider to drive specifically nation.
• Surge Pricing: Add Surge Pricing during Particular Time in the Specific city with surge rate.
Track Driver Service: Admin Track Driver Service with their pay and different administrations yielded points of interest.
Interactive Statistics: The measurement for crossed out request, cash payment, card payment, total delivery, and considerably more.
• Map View: Admin can see the Delivery specialist organization and Restaurant on the guide with the status like sit out of gear, on benefit, and so on.
• Manage Review: Provider Manage Customer thought and furthermore recognized a vital move made upon by the business management.
Payment Report: Admin Check supplier gaining report with subtle elements like day by day, month to month and yearly.
Promo Code: Add Promo-code with a condition like the cash on delivery, Card Payment, City and so forth.

Extra Customization

Customize Interface: We can tweak User Interface according to seller’s prerequisite.
Integrate Local Payment Gateways: Vendors likewise ask for incorporating a nearby payment gateway.
Add Service Module: We customized and include any administration module for client needs.

Know Development Cost to make an app like Foodonclick

The Foodonclick app is truly an extraordinary help primarily to the working people. The approx. cost of online food ordering application will around 5000$ to 10000$ for every stage contingent upon the highlights and many-sided quality of the application. Make you sure; Future Work team is best in make an app like Foodonclick and all kind of food ordering mobile applications.
We know that make an app like Foodonclick with single hand is not an easy task for this we need proper team work not only team but specialist team. For this project we, Future Work always ready for your dream mobile app. On the off chance that you are quick to take your business to the new levels with the help of an exceedingly engaging and successful Android and iOS mobile application at that point don’t falter to Contact Future work, and begin procuring rich profits in a brief time.

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