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In fact, we never envisaged that we could book a cab from our phone and it will take us wherever we want to go. Ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have completely changed the face of personal transportation, coalescing the business idea with the trendiest mobile technology. They have come so far in today’s on-demand economy that no city in this world is left without providing an Uber service.

To Develop a Car Rental App as while ride sharing apps are developing what may be the largest point-to-point transportation of this kind, the concept of car rental is not far-flung. Companies like Avis, Hertz, Zipcar, car2Go, Get around have captured the public imagination as much as Uber, Lyft and Airbnb. Startups and small business groups have exposed a new gesture of productivity, human interaction and convenience in the transport industry with more technology-driven processes.

The main idea To Develop an car rental app is exemplary as it has hit the bull’s eye in terms of the objective audience especially millennials who own the largest number of smartphones in the world and are used to doing everything on-the-go. The on-demand transportation model is gaining momentum with the introduction of a new project in car sharing, car-hailing, peer-to-peer rentals each day. Though no one owns the market yet, the rental industry is making a bigger spot in the user’s mind as they can drive to where they need to be without relying on public transport or shelling out a ton of cash for a taxi or avoiding the risk of taking their own luxury car.

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Avis business model has given rise to a large number of on-demand platforms for different verticals. Since car rental apps are a too constructive and popular service, many of the entrepreneurs or organizations have thought about it but only a few have taken the pain to contrive the idea into a real-time working product. Why so?

The answer is clear. Most of them are apprehensive about the investment cost for getting an app built from a reputed app development company. Certainly, a smart business owner will never give their project in the hands of any freelance developer or any mediocre application development company. A reliable, top-level, dedicated mobile app development company and a dedicated mobile app developer can only make the difference. We clearly understand that it takes more effort to make the investment in mobility as a small independent company. That’s what we are here to talk about today. To help you gain insight into the real cost of developing a car rental app and how this cost varies with the changing requirements. While everyone is looking to try their hand on Uber-like app market, you can move on a different path towards creating a car rental app.


Before starting, app owners, startups and enterprises must get a thought of how the development works and how the cost is calculated. By and large, the development phases of each category of apps are associated to the same processes.


There are several variables associated with the cost of mobile app development. Getting to the correct estimate and ending up to the same figure is a challenge for most mobile app development companies.

To Develop a Car Rental App the cost arises when you choose a native app or a hybrid app. On an overage, a native (independently for iOS and Android) car rental app costs you around $15k- 20K. Whereas for hybrid car rental app development, the average cost ranges between $12k-$15k.

Our team will be able to complete your project within 3-4 months. The average costs will be the same as mentioned above; however, the final price may vary depending upon the functionality you choose.

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