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CarGurus is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based automotive research and shopping website that assists users in comparing local listings for used and new cars, and contacting sellers.

CarGurus is a fast-growing web company that uses data and technology to help consumers find the best car deals from top rated car dealers. Founded in 2006 by Langley Steinert, also a co-founder of TripAdvisor, we are now the 2nd largest auto shopping site in the US by daily user traffic. At CarGurus, we believe that a transparent car shopping experience is better for shoppers and sellers alike, and we are constantly innovating so we can deliver on that promise. Today more than 11 million (and growing) unique monthly visitors use our site and mobile app to find their next car.

With headquarters in Harvard Square, CarGurus has that “start-up feel” (we dislike meetings, play lots of foosball, have catered lunches and fun company outings, the list go on…). Unlike many start-ups, however, we have the advantage of being profitable (for 5.5 years!) with sustained revenue growth.

CarGurus is an engineering-driven company with a passion for data, and that drives everything from the speed at which we launch new products to the spirit of innovation that informs our company ethos.

The CarGurus Global headquarters features a multitude of different public spaces from cafes to staff game rooms. These places serve as areas for employees to gather informally, engage in a quick meeting or take a phone call privately. Workflow was able to advise on how best to furnish these varying spaces to maximize comfort and efficiency while maintaining the integrity of the design. The public and meeting spaces are furnished with pieces from over 10 manufacturers based throughout the United States.

​CarGurus is a growing internet-based company in Cambridge, MA. Their space features a technology-focused environment with a minimalistic approach to the open ‘benching’ office setup. This modern layout features height-adjustable desks that allow employees to stay active and engaged throughout the workday. The space offers several open collaboration areas with white-boards allowing for small groups to gather throughout the day and meet informally to share ideas. Large cafes serve as gather areas and include uninterrupted views of the Charles River.

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  • Public
Traded as
  • NASDAQ: CARG (Class A)
  • TSX: Russell 2000 Component
  • Internet
  • Automotive
  • 2006; 13 years ago
  • Langley Steinert
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
Key people
  • Langley Steinert (CEO)

CarGurus was privately owned until its $150 million IPO on 12 October 2017;[7] its board of directors includes Steve Kaufer, co-founder and current CEO of TripAdvisor, and Simon Rothman, formerly Global Vice President and General Manager of eBay Motors.

In 2018, CarGurus purchased the UK website and forum Piston Heads for an undisclosed amount.

The company was involved in a trademark dispute with the Rich Rebuilds channel, who changed their name after legal action was threatened.

car gurus
Careers at CarGurus


To bring transparency to the car industry and be a game changer in consumers’ car buying experiences.

Business Segments

CarGurus’ business is across divided across three regional operations hubs, listed below. Each uses the CarGuru innovative and transparent online platform to link local customers and car dealers:

CarGurus USA was the company’s original venture. The US operation is the company’s headquarters. It oversees the overall business strategy and ensures that CarGurus’ activity is compliant with state and federal laws and regulations.

CarGurus Canada was the company’s first international expansion. It focuses on building the brand in the Canadian market and ensuring compliance.

CarGurus UK is CarGurus’ first European subsidiary. It is likely to form the basis for further European expansion.

CarGurus Pay

Our goal? It’s simple: to make selling your car as easy, transparent, and secure as possible. CarGurus Pay is the private party digital transaction service offered by CarGurus in partnership with AUTOPAY.

Over the years we’ve worked with thousands of car buyers and sellers, and we understand that private party transactions can often be overwhelming. From navigating paperwork to completing secure payments, CarGurus is here to make your experience quick and worry-free!

Every private party listing on CarGurus now comes with secure checkout services, or “CarGurus Pay”, when you transact through the site. Benefits include:

Verified funds. We act as an intermediary to verify and hold funds securely. This means you never expose your bank account information to an unknown party and cover all transactions with up to $75,000 in fraud protection.

Verified title. We will verify the the seller along with the title and clear it of any existing liens.

Bill of sale. We will generate a bill of sale for both parties that will be electronically signed.

Live support from a dedicated expert. We will assign a specialist to walk you through each step, from paperwork to final payment.

Secure online payment. We deposit your money directly into your account. No need to accept cash or check. No trips to the bank.

Have a lien? We work directly with lenders to release the titles and complete your transaction.

Financing. We have partnered with AUTOPAY to offer online financing for select listings. Click here to learn more.

What does CarGurus Pay NOT cover?

Shipping. All shipping arrangements will have to be made by the buyer/seller and are not covered by CarGurus Pay.

Undisclosed mechanical issues. If you are a buyer, we recommend always getting a pre-purchase inspection from a trusted mechanic!

Deposits. If the seller requests a deposit, the Secure Transaction Service will not be able to assist in recouping the amount that was put down.

Exchange of funds outside the platform. We will not be able to arbitrate between buyers and sellers when funds are exchanged outside of the secure transaction platform.

Note: Buyers and sellers are unable to use CarGurus Pay if they are proceeding with external financing. This is due to most lenders having their own rules and processes that conflict with our checkout services and restrict them from working with 3rd parties such as us and AUTOPAY.

Click here to see some of the more commonly asked questions regarding the process.

How does it work?

CarGurus Pay is only $99 when you sell your vehicle on CarGurus. However, if you removed your listing beforehand or the vehicle is sold by other means, you will not be charged.

When you accept an offer from a buyer you will see a prompt in your message thread to start the sale. You can also start the transaction and use CarGurus Pay from your My Cars for Sale page, even if you found the buyer outside of CarGurus! You will then need to fill out a form with the following information:

Your full contact information, including mailing address (we will need to collect this to ensure an easy title transfer later on)

Any information you have about your buyer (e.g. their name, phone number, and email)

Vehicle details (e.g. to confirm your listing and VIN number)

The ownership status of your car (e.g. if you currently have a lien on your car)

A similar form will be sent out to the buyer for completion. Once we have all the necessary information from both parties in place a team member will reach out via phone to complete the transaction!

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