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  • No ratings yet. is an online automotive classifieds advertising website servicing Canada. It is the main consumer product of the Trader Corporation. An app with the same name is available on Google Play and the AppStore., a fast growing leader in the automotive industry, is one of Canada’s largest digital businesses, with unrivalled consumer and dealer brand recognition.

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The cornerstone of our product universe is, the leading new and used auto, truck and power sports classified site in Canada. Empowering Canadians to buy & sell like pro’s, leveraging both our 4.5 star rated mobile app, comparison features and car reviews. Through significant marketing investment traffic has tripled over the last 3 years, generating more than 5.5 million unique visitors a month. It’s where Canadians Click with Cars.

Our strategy

Auto Trader exists to lead the future of the Canada’s digital automotive marketplace. We aim to improve the process of buying and selling vehicles in Canada, by continually evolving the ecosystem to provide a better experience for consumers, retailers and manufacturers alike

Business Model

Our trusted brand has been established for over 40 years, and in that time, we have built a network of highly engaged consumers searching over 450,000 cars from a diverse retailer base. These cars are largely supplied by retailers, as well as a small proportion from other consumers, and are then advertised on our marketplace, the most effective automotive sales platform. This creates a network effect model – a self-perpetuating cycle with each element further fueling the next.


How To Sell Your Car

Selling a car privately will take you a little more time and effort, but that time and effort could earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Follow the steps below to ensure your car sells quickly, and for the highest price possible.

Price Your Car

Setting a competitive price that reflects the real value of your car will make your ad more attractive to buyers. To determine the right price for your car:

Use the autoTRADER “Value Finder” tool to find out what other people are asking for the year, make and model of the car you’re selling.

Consider the mileage, condition and options of your car.

Factor in what you’ve spent on maintenance. If you have records showing new parts, regular tune-ups, upgrades made to the interior, then you may be able to increase your asking price.

If you have an extended warranty, check to see if it’s transferable. If so, you may be able to ask for more money than a similar car with no warranty.

Leave some room for negotiation – buyers will want to negotiate with you.

Create the Ad

You’ll want to attract potential buyers by giving them all the specs and highlights of your car. However, make sure the ad is accurate and truthful. The key elements of a successful ad are:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • High Quality Photos
  • Detailed Car Description

You’ll also want to consider purchasing a CARFAX Canada report for your vehicle. Providing potential buyers with a CARFAX Canada report shows that you’re upfront and open to disclosing the full history of your vehicle, right from the start.

Once you’ve created an effective ad as per the detailed guidelines below, post it for FREE on the autoTRADER website and also call in to place an ad in one of our print publications.

Prepare for the Sale

Spending some time and effort on your car can increase the amount buyers are willing to pay. Even if your car is in excellent working condition, little things can turn buyers off.

Close the deal

The way you communicate with buyers could go a long way in helping you sell quickly. While buyers are evaluating the car, they’ll also be thinking about whether or not they feel comfortable negotiating with you, and trusting you. Be as open and honest as possible, and make buyers feel at ease.

Before You Buy A Used Car

Buying a used car makes sense financially, because someone else has already paid for most of its drastic depreciation in value. With thousands of cars available, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and fits your budget. Considering a new car? Click here for tips and advice.

Here are some points to consider before you start the buying process.

Think about your wants and needs for a car – do you need many seats for carpooling? Do you want high-tech features e.g. Bluetooth? How much trunk space do you need?

Decide your budget for the car, taking into account car insurance and fuel costs to help determine your financing requirements. Talk to your dealer, local bank or review your savings to determine how you’re going to finance the car.

Research cars on the or websites. You can also review safety test results for cars on the autoTRADER YouTube channel.

If you’re replacing your current car, sell it fast by listing it for FREE on

How To Buy

Finding a car

Finding a car is not easy. It could take days if not weeks to find something that is in your price range, has the right mileage and is in good condition. Here are some tips to make finding a car easier:

Search through autoTRADER’s online inventory of over 200,000 cars.

Use the detailed search categories like Make, Model, Year, Price Range, etc. to narrow search results and find the car you’re looking for.

Go into the details section to review photos, videos and a detailed description of the car.

Request a FREE copy of the CarProof report to review important details and history for the car.

Communicating with the seller

Once you’ve identified a car you’re interested in, contact the seller.

Ask questions about the car e.g. condition of the exterior, prior accidents, history of the car.

Also verify details stated in the ad like mileage, year, etc.

Set-up a time to view the car, keeping enough time to inspect and test drive the car.

Inspecting and test driving the car

Before you head out to inspect the car, make sure it’s a good prospect so that you don’t waste your or the seller’s time. When inspecting the car:

Check the exterior for any damage or scratches.

Check if all the interior features work e.g. windows, locks, audio system, etc. Does the interior look well maintained? What’s the condition of the upholstery?

Before Closing the Deal

Discuss price and come to an agreement with the seller. If you’re offering less than the listed price, explain why and state your price. It may be related to what you found during your inspection.

The seller may reject your offer. If so and you’re not willing to pay more, tell the seller to give you a call if the car doesn’t sell and he/she re-considers your offer.

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